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Sunday Soundbyte: CraftyPod

November 8, 2009

“I have about 4,000 blogs in 2 different readers. Google reader has a limit- did you know?”-Rachel Klein from One Pretty Thing on CraftyPod

This is a great podcast about how to keep up with the craft internet. If you are like me then you have definitely been overwhelmed at times by the sheer enormity of information available.

Even if hearing from Rachel Klein doesn’t give you some ideas on how to handle it, it should at least make you feel better about wading through the internet.


Sunday Soundbyte: Strings ‘n Things

July 26, 2009

“…and I couldn’t get that sweater off of her for love or money; I could get it to her ears but that was it. …that is why I always use a loose cast off, preferably crochet castoff when making children’s sweaters.”

-Evelyn Skae on the Strings ‘n Things Podcast

I had to put this as I rarely see this consideration when people make a pullover, and maybe it’s just because everyone in my family has a big head, but stitcher beware! Make the neck holes, large and stretchy. šŸ™‚

Sunday Soundbyte:

July 19, 2009

Today’s soundbyte is from podcast #95Ā from

This podcastĀ featured a guest; Paul Overton fromĀ who spoke about crafting for the joy of it, versus crafting for profit.

I found the entire discussion enthralling, mostly because I really liked his take on the whole thing. You’ll have to listen to get all of his points, but he spoke about how crafts that came from the joy of it always seemed much more special than crafts made for profit, even using his mother’s crafts as an example.

I think this is a great podcast for anyone who sells their wares or is interested in selling them. It’sĀ a great wake-up call, basically saying that just because you want to make money from crafting, that doesn’t have to preclude your joy in creating.

Sunday Soundbyte: Cast-on

July 12, 2009

So I started listening to Cast-on this week. Well, actually I am up to 37 podcasts so far, but really there are only so many listening hours in the week, so I just got around to Cast-on :).

I loved it. This week’s episode is Rinse. Repeat. and believe me, if anyone had told me that a podcast featuring laundry would interest me, I would have laughed, but laugh if you will, this was a truly interesting episode.

Amongst all the laundry talk there were quite a few recommendations, of sites, audiobooks, etc, but the one that really caught my eye was:

“Get your DIY on at Threadbanger.”

Seriously, check out this site. It’s kind of like the really cool craft show that just hasn’t made it to basic cable yet.

thread banger

I am a knitter/crocheter, and sometimes spinner, my seamstress aspirations went out the window eons ago, but this show almost makes me want to pick up some fabric and thread….

P.S. –please vote on the poll (see the previous post)

Sunday Soundbyte

July 5, 2009

I’m late, I’m late! (put to song from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland) I’ve been singing that song all day as I’ve run hither to yon, which I believe is appropriate for the Sunday Sounbyte.

This week’s sounbyte is a bit of a repeat, but as Lion Brand’s Yarn Craft podcast is now split in two I did think it appropriate that each type has it’s own soundbyte.

The latest oneĀ Ā talks about selling your knit and crochet goods locally. It has some great starter ideas, but I do warn those who already sell some of their homemade items, the ideas are for true beginners, so don’t expect to gain much information as an experienced seller.

Sunday Soundbyte

June 28, 2009

“Make slits in a cardboard frame and wrap yarn around the slits in one direction and let the kids weave over, under, over under… story of Arachne.”

I love the fact that they tech classic greek stories and crafts to kids! I’m all for it.

The Yarn Craft Podcast has a lot of great information now about great kids crafts.

P.S. I love the comments from the Giveaway– keep them coming!

Sunday Soundbyte: Crochet Liberation Front

June 21, 2009

“Crochet is very big right now in the celebrity….in the stores.” The CLF’s podcaster’s daugter Sara on the Crochet Liberation front Podcast:

I agree, I have been seing crochet everywhere. Actually when I need new inspiration for crochet, I go to a store, I went to the Bass outlet the other day and now I need to makeĀ  a really cute sun hat and the single button crochet mesh cardigan.

Off to Michaels for some wire for the rim of the hat and mercerized cotton for the cardigan.

Sunday Soundbyte

June 14, 2009

As this is the first post on podcasts, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase the first podcast I’ve ever listened to; the Knit Picks podcast.Ā This week’sĀ podcast (#99)Ā is about choosing the right yarn for your project. Its incredibly informative, and made me want to go out and buy more yarn. (But hey, what doesn’t?)

I mean, did you know that wool has scales? It does, little tiny ones, listen and learn!

I am curious if Knit Picks will do something special for #100 though….

It’s post

Sunday Soundbyte

June 7, 2009

Unfortunately, I have no soundbyte today, as I am slow on the whole podcast trend. I do have a request though, could anyone who knows of an interesting or funny podcast that involves knitting or crochet in anyway let me know? Self promotion is welcome, as I would love to listen to some of the less-known podcasts.