Sunday Soundbyte:

Today’s soundbyte is from podcast #95 from

This podcast featured a guest; Paul Overton from who spoke about crafting for the joy of it, versus crafting for profit.

I found the entire discussion enthralling, mostly because I really liked his take on the whole thing. You’ll have to listen to get all of his points, but he spoke about how crafts that came from the joy of it always seemed much more special than crafts made for profit, even using his mother’s crafts as an example.

I think this is a great podcast for anyone who sells their wares or is interested in selling them. It’s a great wake-up call, basically saying that just because you want to make money from crafting, that doesn’t have to preclude your joy in creating.


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One Response to “Sunday Soundbyte:”

  1. Paul Overton Says:

    What a nice thing to say! Thanks!


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