Sunday Soundbyte

“Make slits in a cardboard frame and wrap yarn around the slits in one direction and let the kids weave over, under, over under… story of Arachne.”

I love the fact that they tech classic greek stories and crafts to kids! I’m all for it.

The Yarn Craft Podcast has a lot of great information now about great kids crafts.

P.S. I love the comments from the Giveaway– keep them coming!


4 Responses to “Sunday Soundbyte”

  1. Jill Says:

    I’d love to see a tree of sorts, in a shawl. That might be a lot to ask for a new knitter such as myself, but I am really wanting to make a shawl (now that I have conquered socks!).

  2. Jill Says:

    OH, I’d also love some tips on teaching someone else to knit. My almost 8 year old daughter can crochet, but wants to use both hands with sticks! 🙂

  3. Karen P Says:

    I love your site! I do think the ‘Categories’ section is a little… for lack of a better word, cluttered. Maybe if you put the ‘Daily Ditties’ (Sunday Soundbyte, Monday Review etc) in their own separate section it would make it easier to pick out the other topics.

  4. KharmicCurse Says:

    I love the Sunday Soundbyte, so I decided to leave my 2nd comment here :). I think a little more color would benefit the sight. Maybe colored borders to break up the (occasionally long) wall of text here and there. It can be hard for me to keep my place in just block after block of text, on “blander” colored backgrounds.

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