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Monday Evening Magazine Review: Crochet Uncut

November 9, 2009

Going with the e-zine theme, I wanted to go over my favorite online crochet magazine, Crochet Uncut.

**Quick note about this morning’s post, apparently the current issue of Knotions is also the last issue. Thank you Sunset Cat!**

Honestly, I found Knotions after I went looking for the equivalent of Crochet Uncut- a fun, fairly small zine with a great sense of style.

So the Fall 09 issue of Crochet Uncut features…..


an adorable puppy!

And a turtle toy, but what toy can compete with that face?

Even more than the patterns, (which I do love) what I really love about this zine are the articles. There is one about, of all things, neck pain! Personally, I have definitely known some major neck issues after a marathon crochet session, so I read this carefully.

There is also a great review on Bijou Basin Ranch yarn. It’s made extra special because of an element often missing from product reivews- price! It is not a cheap yarn, but I agree with the writer that sometimes the splurge is so worth it.

Okay, I won’t go through the articles one by one, but these are just a few of the good ones, you have to go to Crochet Uncut’s site to check them all out.

In the patterns I found a lot of neckwear from very elegant, to a self-proclaimed “wacky” scarf. (If wacky=seriously cute, then I agree.) I’m a big fan of crocheted neckwear, but what really caught my eye was a cotton lunch tote and a pair of mittens.

lunch thingmittens

Here are the lunch tote and mittens, respectively (in case you were confused!)

The lunch tote is made to fit a specific tupperware type container and is made out of basic cotton. Doesn’t it look so much more fun than your basic brown bag? Better for the environment too! Though if you pack your lunch in there, make sure you bring enough to share, because everyone’s going to want to see what you have.

The mittens are designed by Darlisa Riggs, out of Bijou Basin Ranch yarn! Darlisa also wrote the review of the yarn. (Perfect proof that she knows what she’s talking about!)

The mittens are a really clever design with little “snow” stitches on them, and they would be a great christmas/holiday gift!

My rating:5-BOYWell, really. Did you expect anything different?


Monday Morning Mag Review:Knotions Mag

November 9, 2009

I found a new knitting e-zine! is a wonderful knitting online magazine; it’s a diamond in the rough, only without the rough.

There are quite a few patterns on it and there was a good selection. It helped that the current issue has a ‘mini sock issue’ in it, so there is plenty of eye candy for a sock yarn enthusiast. I mean, look at these sweet things:

cute socks

That’s not all! There is also great lace patterns and some wonderful cable patterns. I personally think that this pullover would look great on just about anyone:


I absolutely love the cable pattern on the top. Don’t ask me why, but it is one of my favorite cable patterns, I just find it so elegant.

Besides the lovely patterns (17 that I can count) there are also 2 book reviews, a review on Signature Needles – something I found quite interesting, and 3 different tutorials.

The only downside of this site is that the navigation is a little confusing, it was hard to tell what was the current issue and what was archive.

My rating:5-BOY I am such a sucker for independent online magazines, and Knotions is a perfect example why.

Monday Magazine Review: Crochet Today

August 10, 2009

crochet cover

Crochet Today September/October 2009

Women’s: upcycled tee (collar embellishments), 1 tunic, 1 capelet, 1 beret,

Household/ Decor: 2 can covers, acorn boxes, 3 dish cloths, an eco tote, 3 river rock decorative covers, 2 afghans,

Back to school: 1 amigurumi clock (on cover), 1 large triangle scarf (otherwise called a shawl), kids cardigan, kids vest, pencil case

Halloween: Ghoul candy bag (by Monster Crochet’s LadyLinoleum!), 1 mask and 2 mustaches, 1 halloween baby blanket. 2 halloween kids hats

Total count: 26

That’s a pretty good count from a cover that only says “20+” 

There were a few articles as well, actually, there were 4. As always I would have preferred more, especially as total article page count is 5 minus the ad space. They were all quality articles however. My favorite is “It’s Easy Being Green: Learn how to be kind to our environment, one crochet stitch at a time!” There are a bunch of neat tips in this article.

My rating:5-BOYThe combination of quantity and quality make this issue superb!

Happy Stitching!

Monday Morning Magazine Review: Vogue Knitting

August 10, 2009

voguecoverVogue Knitting Fall 2009

Something I could tell when I first picked up this issue is that there’s a lot in it. I have to say I like that in a magazine, I would rather have tons of great designs that I don’t get to than go through the designs quickly. (But then I’m a re-reader.)

There are a lot of articles in this issue and I can only say: Yay!!

I love articles. Patterns aren’t great, but as I am spending most of my knitting and crocheting time (read: all of it) working patterns that I’m designing, I would like a good yarn-related article in the mean time.

There were lots of those, but my favorite is: Going Seamless: Part One by Jared Flood. I am a huge Jared Flood fan, though I’m probably a little biased, as he’s from Brooklyn (no- I’m not from the city, I’m from Long Island at about the halfway mark between the Hamptons and Manhattan.)

 I do try to support local businesses where I can. 🙂

About those Patterns:

Women’s: 15 cardigans (all very nice, except for one oversized one that said it had plus sizing, believe me, something that bulky only looks good on the smaller end of the size range), 4 pullovers, 1 coat, 1 dress

Accessories: 11 hats, 1 pair fingerless gloves, 1 pair fingered gloves, 1 shawl and 1 needle felted scarf (no knitting required)

Housewares: 1 knit-rose covered chair (it looked fabulous, but I worry that it wouldn’t be comfortable, I’d want to sit in one before creating my own)

Total Pattern Count: 37

That is a lot of patterns (and lots of articles to boot!)

My rating: 4BallslulzThis magazine was so close to a perfect rating, but the lack of sizing and the sheer repetition of cardigans and hats lost me along the way. If however you only knit cardigans and hats, this is the magazine for you!

Monday Magazine Review: Crochet Uncut

August 3, 2009

Okay, I found out two things yesterday. 1- There are no new crochet print magazines out right now and 2- Bookstores don’t like it when you rifle through their magazine section looking for something that isn’t there.

Don’t worry though! All is not lost. I was very disappointed that there were not print magazines out, but I didn’t discount e-zines! So this is my first e-zine review. (Drum-roll please)

crcohet uncut

Crochet Uncut, Summer 2009

I have to say that I do love the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF on ravelry), and I found that I really like their zine.

One of the things that I like most about this zine is the articles. There are 8 articles, and each of them is enjoyable. The ‘how-to’ create a row counter bracelet is incredibly useful not just for crocheters, but also knitters. (Oh and knitters, if you like the olive-martini bag on the cover pic, there’s a knit pattern for you too!)

The pattern breakdown is:

Accessories: 1 headband, 1 scarf, 1 (absolutely gorgeous!) stole, and 2 olive-martini bags (one of which is knit)

Other: amigurumi bumblebees, hook (and dpn for the bi-stitchual) case, and water/baby bottle holder(I do like the carabiner, but worry that it will pull your pants down

Total Count: 8 patterns

My rating: 5-BOYThis magazine is small in comparison to the major magazines out there but let’s remember that 1- it’s not one of the major magazines and 2- that its free. I loved that there were as many articles as patterns (I am an article fiend, and it made me smile to see 8 and 8). I also was a big fan of the pattern pictures.

I know just how hard it is to get a good picture of a finished object, and though some of the photos were obviously amateur, none of the photos detracted from the appeal of the patterns. Hooray for the magazine and hooray for the designers.

Monday Magazine Review: Crochet World Fall 2009

July 27, 2009

Crochet World Fall 2009

You can have no idea how happy I was to onto and see not a hint about this issue except that it is due out in October. My local bookstore had it on the shelf early, and I can see why as this is the only new crochet magazine I spotted; but seeing the cover almost gave me heart failure:

crochet world

Talk about Christmas in July!!

Although I do see another point the bookstore may have been making. If you want to have anywhere near enough time to do these patterns, you need to start now!

Because of the theme of the magazine, my pattern breakdown is more of one big list:

27ornaments, 6 afghans, 5 doilies, 3 table runners, 2 pairs of slippers, 2 bibs, 2 booties, 2 bookmarks, a treetop angel, a snowman, a pineapple stitch wreath, a ‘christmas package’ tissue box cozy, wine glass charms, towel topper, granny square tote, a stuffed football, a stuffed soccer ball, a clown face pillow (be warned that if the recipient has a fear of clowns, this will scar them for life), a woven christmas mat, a marble bag, hanging monkeys, a hook envelope

Total number of patterns: 66

You read that right- 66 patterns, and a whole lot of crochet thread. Okay, so there are no articles for me to babble on about so straight to the rating.

My rating:3Ballslulz With another one (or two-depending on quality) available if and when I see a holiday special that contains decorations for other religions. The theme is great and the issue will be quite useful to me, but then I celebrate Christmas, and I have a lot of friends who don’t.

Hmmmm… be on the lookout for a design of a crocheted dradle. 😉

Monday Morning Magazine Review: Creative Knitting

July 27, 2009

creative knittingCreative Knitting September 2009

There were only a couple of real ‘articles’ in this issue(by that I mean not the collections of reviews and snippets); but the two I spotted were both interesting. A bio on Lorna Miser, the author of Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting and “The ABC’s of sock knitting; of the two the latter was definitely my favorite, but then I’m kind of addicted to sock knitting and going through withdrawal- so it might just be me.

The patterns on the other hand are both wonderful and plentiful. One of my favorites is called “Mitered Magic and it uses a mitered square technique to create a boat neck pullover. The sweater just looks like it would be simple to knit and really flattering.

Here’s the Breakdown:
Women’s: 5 pullovers, 8 cardigans, 1 parka, 1 vest, 1 pair of capris
Accessories: 1 wrap, 2 sets of mittens, 1 hat, 1 scarf
Children’s: 1 set of anklet socks, 1 sleeveless hoodie for an older girl, 5 cardigans in various sized (smallest one fits an American girl doll)
Mens: 1 v-neck sweater
Household: 1 pillow cover, 2 afghans, place mat, napkin ring

Total number:34

My rating: 4-BOYAgain the patterns are wonderful, and I debated giving it 5 balls of yarn because that’s how many skeins I would need of this yarn to make the mitered sweater; but I’m picky and I like articles to read as I wind my yarn.

Monday Magazine Review: KNITSCENE

July 20, 2009


(sorry, the website isn’t caught up yet, so this is the mag on my deck)

Knitscene Fall 2009 (Special Edition)

This is a beefy magazine with a whole lot of patterns in it. My favorite articles are the information on counting for lace and cable designs. From what I have seen this is the hardest part for most people, me included, when dealing with tricky designs. “Darn! I missed a yarn over, now I have to tink back 3 rows!” This should give you some tricks to help solve this before it happens.

The cover boasts 29 must-make knits for fall and by my count:

Women’s: 10 tops, 3 vests, 5 cardigans

Accessories: 1 pair fingerless gloves, 1 pair mittens, 3 hats (1 crocheted), 34scarves(1 unisex), 1 pair of socks

Men’s: 1 hoodie

So the 29 is accurate, but the ‘knit’ is not. Eh, people never seem to want to say “and crochet” anymore. 😉

My rating: 4BallslulzActually, my only problem with this magazine is that it’s geared towards fall and summer just got here!! (At least on Long Island) I don’t want to be knitting warm clothes yet!

Monday Magazine Review: Crochet! Magazine

July 20, 2009

I have to break in here real quick to inform my readers of a small change in format. From now on Mondays will be purely Magazine review, one at 6am and one at 6pm (EST). The Welcome to the week deals will still be here, but I’m moving them to Tuesday evening and the ‘Tuesday Tip’ will be condensed to one post.

I decided on this change because of the relative size of the posts. Monday morning was always huge and the two Tuesday posts were rather tiny. Thank you for your time and I now return you to your regular scheduled program:

crochet mag


Crochet! Magazine September 2009

This magazine had a bunch of interesting patterns in the issue with a whole lot of variety to them.

Before I get to the patterns however I would like  to talk about the articles, there were a couple, but they seemed part of the patterns to the point that after flipping through the book, I had to turn and flip through it all again to find them.

My favorite article is definitely the explanation of two textured stitch patterns. Now, I love all stitch patterns because they offer so many options without the boundaries of a pattern, so maybe this isn’t a surprise, but still; I’m glad they put it there.

Back to the Patterns:

Women’s: 3 cardigans (one sized to 2x), earrings, necklace, cropped vest, top

Accessories: wrist warmers, hood/neckwarmer, felted bag, 2 hats, coaster/scarf/shawl/throw pattern (basically a motif pattern with instructions to utilize it differently

Children’s: girl’s coat, baby sweater,

Men’s: Men’s cardigan

Household: throw,  doily and second throw and coasters mentioned above.

Total number: 21 patterns of good variety


(girl’s coat mentioned above)

My rating: 3BallslulzThis is a good magazine for patterns, but though there were no ‘bad’ patterns, neither did any of them reach out and grab me. My suggestion, flip through the magazine and see if you really want any of the patterns, they’re what will make this issue worthwhile to you.

Monday Morning Mag Review: Simply Knitting and Interweave Crochet

July 13, 2009


Simply Knitting June

This magazine was a lot of fun to browse, not only did it come with a free sock needle set, holder and a lovely fair isle sock pattern but sprinkled through the magazine were 26 pages with those fun little blurbs that are so common in ‘Women’s Interest’ magazines like Cosmo, Lucky, or Redbook.

Women’s: 2cardigans, a short sleeved sweater
Acessories: crochet bag, unisex socks
One men’s sweater
Household: rug, floor cushion, hanging organizer
Miscellaneous: robot toy, and knit/crochet/fabric flower pattern, 3 lace stitches

Total number of patterns: 16 patterns (17 including ‘free’ sock pattern in pack)

There were a few cute articles in there but the one that I really did like was an interview with Kelley Deal, the lead guitarist of The Breeders. I was very proud of myself for not having to go look them up (my musical tastes are not terribly widespread.)

My rating:4BallsHonestly, with the price of this magazine, my suggestion is to look at what it’s giving away, is it worth the extra $3-$4? It’s a good magazine, but I wouldn’t pay the extra money for it by itself.


Interweave Crochet, Summer 2009

There is a lot of fun with laceweights going on in this issue, I am all for that, because I am a firm believer that laceweight is not just for knitting. Umm…working on a project that speaks to that point now. (Does that make 6 WIP’s ? 7?)
My favorite article talks all about the Victorian crochet revolution, I think I am a fan of this because I love reading Victorian era novels, and I love pulling style elements from those designs.


Women’s: 2 cardigans, 1 vest, 2 dresses, 1 skirt 1 short sleeved top
Accessories: wedding veil, purse, shawl/shrug, garter, 2 necklaces and one set of  earrings, a broomstick lace shawl, a beach sarong (think shawl for your butt), 1 hat, 1 scarf

Household:  lace curtains, market bag, crayon/hook holder

Total pattern count: 21 patterns

My rating: 4Ballslulz Good pattern count, but not a fabulous selection, though I do love all the laceweight thrown among the pages.