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Twitter Thursday (Times 2)

November 19, 2009


RT @depptla: A bit blurry, but one of the cupcakes I made for @Astro_Nicole‘s bday, as promised! (@NASA_Astronauts)

Which just proves 2 things, 1. That creatives and astronauts get along quite well, and 2. Astronauts love twitter (well I can’t really say that this proves it, but following both NASA and NASA_Astronauts on twitter will certainly prove it)

Speaking of astronauts, I was thinking of making a shuttle-styled wine bottle bag to gift some family members much more aeronautically inclined than myself. What do you think?



a new zine that I’ve just fallen for called, “At Your Leisure”. created by @happymundane – see sneak peek here –

It looks very nice. Definitely the type of thing I would want to pick up when looking for inspiration.


Thursday Twitter

July 23, 2009

yarnandfiber: Fantastic Blowout sale going on now at, save up to 60% through this weekend!

I am always on the lookout for some good yarn at  a good price and Yarn and Fiber has some Tofutsies on sale!

Thursday Twitter part 2

June 25, 2009

BreakingNews: URGENT — “King of Pop” Michael Jackson dead at 50:
11 minutes ago from web

Okay, so this isn’t fiber related, but wow….

Thursday Twitter

June 25, 2009

AlpacaFarmGirl:Fiber Artists! Get your Fiber Blog Posts together 4 Fiber Arts Friday tomorrow. If u don’t blog, but you do FIBER art – TwitPic it & link up

I think Alpaca Farm Girl has a really cool thing going on here. Check out her blog and maybe link a picture to it.

Web of Yarn Wednesday: Twitter

June 24, 2009

Okay, so yes, I am now on Twitter. The first time I heard about twitter my first thought was “who would want to do that?” Then I logged on because I saw some important (to me) people had a twitter account. Ravelry, Knitty, the Yarn Harlot, Kate from Knit it up….

So I set up my account and ‘followed’ all these important people. I kind of thought that that was a strange term- “following.”  Nothing, however prepared me for the creepiness factor of getting an e-mail titled “Holly, so-and-so is following you!

Sounds like the start of a bad futuristic stalker novel, doesn’t it? However, I did get over the creep factor (mostly anyways) and now I’ve come to see Twitter for the fun/ informative tool that it is. I have even put a “follow me” section on my blog if you’ll look to the right—>

I am still a twitter newbie, so if any of you catch me doing something wrong or breaking some arcane, unspoken rule of twitter etiquette, please let me know.

So yes, I am now one of the, well, what do you call us? A twitterer? A twitter-ee? I have no clue.

Thursday Twitter

June 4, 2009

Anne Modesitt writes: Just arrived Squam Arts Workshops – Sally Melville is my roomie [score!], room view: 23 hours ago

Okay, so just picture, art workshop, Anne Modesitt and Sally Melville both present…. smiling yet? I am and I’m not even in the right state!