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Web of Yarn Wednesday:

November 18, 2009

Before I go into this, I want to apologize for missing a couple of days. You never realize how far down a bad cold can bring you until it happens. Now that I have some of my energy back though, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming. is a site I came across only recently. It has beginner and advanced knitting tips, a “Happy Hookers” section with crochet tips, and even articles on different yarns, and everyone’s favorite: free patterns!

The patterns and articles can be submitted by anyone, so please, share your pearls of wisdom with the world. (I spend way too much time knitting – I almost spelled it ‘purls.’)



Tuesday Morning Tips: Invisibility

June 16, 2009

I know you’ve been there, you want to do some shaping on your project, but you don’t want to disrupt the stitch pattern to do so. Here are some tricks I’ve learned to keep the shaping invisible.

Almost invisible knitting increase: I’ve heard this called a “lifted increase” as well as a “make one” The technique is to pick up the nearest leg of the stitch below the next one on the needle and knit (or purl) into it following the pattern.

Invisible Crochet decrease: Insert hook through the front leg of the next stitch, yarn over and pull through, then repeat with the following stitch. Treat the two loops you just pulled up as one, and complete the stitch in the pattern. (For example: sc- pull through all three loops on hook; hdc- pull through all four loops on hook; dc- pull through first three loops on hook, yarn over, then pull through last two loops.)