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Web of Yarn Wednesday:

November 18, 2009

Before I go into this, I want to apologize for missing a couple of days. You never realize how far down a bad cold can bring you until it happens. Now that I have some of my energy back though, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming. is a site I came across only recently. It has beginner and advanced knitting tips, a “Happy Hookers” section with crochet tips, and even articles on different yarns, and everyone’s favorite: free patterns!

The patterns and articles can be submitted by anyone, so please, share your pearls of wisdom with the world. (I spend way too much time knitting – I almost spelled it ‘purls.’)



Web of Yarn Wednesday:

July 29, 2009 is a wonderful site of crochet patterns, videos and articles. If you need a good site with crochet video instructions, this is the one I would recommend.

One of the best things about the how-to articles on this site is that it doesn’t assume you’re right handed. Instead of always seeing a right-handed perspective and having to switch it if you’re left-handed, this site has pictures like:


My mother is left-handed and she wants to learn how to crochet. Guess which site I’m going to?

Now, although I was rather impressed by the pretty pictures, I really can’t ignore the neat patterns on the site especially the free ones.

There are only a few posted, but they’re not always the same ones, so it’s a good plan to check back on occasion.

Happy Stitching!

Monday Magazine Review: Crochet World Fall 2009

July 27, 2009

Crochet World Fall 2009

You can have no idea how happy I was to onto and see not a hint about this issue except that it is due out in October. My local bookstore had it on the shelf early, and I can see why as this is the only new crochet magazine I spotted; but seeing the cover almost gave me heart failure:

crochet world

Talk about Christmas in July!!

Although I do see another point the bookstore may have been making. If you want to have anywhere near enough time to do these patterns, you need to start now!

Because of the theme of the magazine, my pattern breakdown is more of one big list:

27ornaments, 6 afghans, 5 doilies, 3 table runners, 2 pairs of slippers, 2 bibs, 2 booties, 2 bookmarks, a treetop angel, a snowman, a pineapple stitch wreath, a ‘christmas package’ tissue box cozy, wine glass charms, towel topper, granny square tote, a stuffed football, a stuffed soccer ball, a clown face pillow (be warned that if the recipient has a fear of clowns, this will scar them for life), a woven christmas mat, a marble bag, hanging monkeys, a hook envelope

Total number of patterns: 66

You read that right- 66 patterns, and a whole lot of crochet thread. Okay, so there are no articles for me to babble on about so straight to the rating.

My rating:3Ballslulz¬†With another one (or two-depending on quality) available if and when I see a holiday special that contains decorations for other religions. The theme is great and the issue will be quite useful to me, but then I celebrate Christmas, and I have a lot of friends who don’t.

Hmmmm… be on the lookout for a design of a crocheted dradle. ūüėČ

Monday Morning Magazine Review: Creative Knitting

July 27, 2009

creative knittingCreative Knitting September 2009

There were only a couple of real ‘articles’ in this issue(by that I mean not the collections of reviews and snippets); but the two I spotted were both interesting. A bio on Lorna Miser, the author of Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting and “The ABC’s of sock knitting; of the two the latter was definitely my favorite, but then I’m kind of addicted to sock knitting and going through withdrawal- so it might just be me.

The patterns on the other hand are both wonderful and plentiful. One of my favorites is called “Mitered Magic and it uses a mitered square technique to create a boat neck pullover. The sweater just looks like it would be simple to knit and really flattering.

Here’s the Breakdown:
Women’s: 5 pullovers, 8 cardigans, 1 parka, 1 vest, 1 pair of capris
Accessories: 1 wrap, 2 sets of mittens, 1 hat, 1 scarf
Children’s: 1 set of anklet socks, 1 sleeveless hoodie for an older girl, 5 cardigans in various sized (smallest one fits an American girl doll)
Mens: 1 v-neck sweater
Household: 1 pillow cover, 2 afghans, place mat, napkin ring

Total number:34

My rating: 4-BOYAgain the patterns are wonderful, and I debated giving it 5 balls of yarn because that’s how many skeins I would need of this yarn to make the mitered sweater; but I’m picky and I like articles to read as I wind my yarn.

Saturday Review: Couture Crochet Workshop

July 25, 2009

couture crochet

Couture Crochet Workshop: Mastering Fit, Fashion and Finesse by Lily Chin

I got this book from the Interweave ‘Hurt Book Sale’ and I am very happy to report that the only ‘hurt’ I see on this book is a little scratch on the bottom of the binding.

I have to say though, after getting a look at this book, I would have payed full price for it. There are 28 patterns in this book and that’s not the good part. The patterns are beautiful, but none of the patterns are stand alone, each of them are used as an example in a lesson. These lessons paired with the 30 pages (and I counted) of¬†¬†jumpstart information in the beginning of the book, are pretty much priceless.

There are classes that will charge you hundreds of dollars without imparting a fraction of the information contained in this book.

The chapter titles are:

1. Laying the Foundation

2. Reading Charts

3. Planning Your Own Patterns

4. Refinements in Fitting

5. Crochet-Specific Stitching

6. Simpler Stitches

7. Circular Constructions

8. Manipulating Lace

9. Shell-Stitch Construction and Variations

10. Chevron Stitch Construction

I would have to recommend this information to both designers and crocheters who would simply like to alter patterns to fit them better. A lot of this information is transferable to knitting as well. (Lily Chin, if you recall, is bi-stitchual)

To give you a bit of some of the wonderful information hiding in this book, please let me quote:

Very close-fitting Actual chest/bust  measurement or less

Close-fitting  1-2 inches greater than chest/bust

Standard-fitting 2-4 inches greater than chest/bust

Loose-fitting 4-6 inches greater than chest/bust

Oversized 6 inches or greater than chest/bust”

And suddenly I understand my problems when I try sizing my own outfits. ūüôā

My rating: 5-BOY Phenomenal, stupendous, amazing and any other positive superlative I can think of. If you are a knitter,  and see this book in you library or local bookstore, I would recommend picking it up. You may be interested enough to get it.

Okay, I’ll stop raving now. I have some reading to do….

Monday Magazine Review: KNITSCENE

July 20, 2009


(sorry, the website isn’t caught up yet, so this is the mag on my deck)

Knitscene Fall 2009 (Special Edition)

This is a beefy magazine with a whole lot of patterns in it. My favorite articles are the information on counting for lace and cable designs. From what I have seen this is the hardest part for most people, me included, when dealing with tricky designs. “Darn! I missed a yarn over, now I have to tink back 3 rows!” This should give you some tricks to help solve this before it happens.

The cover boasts 29 must-make knits for fall and by my count:

Women’s: 10 tops, 3 vests, 5 cardigans

Accessories: 1 pair fingerless gloves, 1 pair mittens, 3 hats (1 crocheted), 34scarves(1 unisex), 1 pair of socks

Men’s: 1 hoodie

So the 29 is accurate, but the ‘knit’ is not. Eh, people never seem to want to say “and crochet” anymore. ūüėČ

My rating: 4BallslulzActually, my only problem with this magazine is that it’s geared towards fall and summer just got here!! (At least on Long Island) I don’t want to be knitting warm clothes yet!

Monday Magazine Review: Crochet! Magazine

July 20, 2009

I have to break in here real quick to inform my readers of a small change in format. From now on Mondays will be purely Magazine review, one at 6am and one at 6pm (EST). The Welcome to the week deals will still be here, but I’m moving them to Tuesday evening and the ‘Tuesday Tip’ will be condensed to one post.

I decided on this change because of the relative size of the posts. Monday morning was always huge and the two Tuesday posts were rather tiny. Thank you for your time and I now return you to your regular scheduled program:

crochet mag


Crochet! Magazine September 2009

This magazine had a bunch of interesting patterns in the issue with a whole lot of variety to them.

Before I get to the patterns however I would like  to talk about the articles, there were a couple, but they seemed part of the patterns to the point that after flipping through the book, I had to turn and flip through it all again to find them.

My favorite article is definitely the explanation of two textured stitch patterns. Now, I love all stitch patterns because they offer so many options without the boundaries of a pattern, so maybe this isn’t a surprise, but still; I’m glad they put it there.

Back to the Patterns:

Women’s: 3 cardigans (one sized to 2x), earrings, necklace, cropped vest, top

Accessories: wrist warmers, hood/neckwarmer, felted bag, 2 hats, coaster/scarf/shawl/throw pattern (basically a motif pattern with instructions to utilize it differently

Children’s: girl’s coat, baby sweater,

Men’s: Men’s cardigan

Household: throw,  doily and second throw and coasters mentioned above.

Total number: 21 patterns of good variety


(girl’s coat mentioned above)

My rating: 3BallslulzThis is a good magazine for patterns, but¬†though there were no ‘bad’ patterns, neither did any of them reach out and grab me. My suggestion, flip through the magazine and see if you really want any of the patterns, they’re what will make this issue worthwhile to you.

Monday Morning Mag Review: Knit.1 and Crochet World

July 6, 2009

coverKnit.1 Spring/Summer 2009 is all about beautiful summery colors, as you can see from the cover.

There are two interviews in the magazine, both of them are very interesting. The first one is with Diva Zappa, knitwear designer and Frank Zappa’s daughter. The second interview is with Parihka Solanki Mehta or SixOneSeven. I had never heard of her before but her blog is beautiful. Now to get out my own camera….

As for the patterns:

Women’s: 4 cardigans (one is labled¬†a ‘bed jacket’), 2 gorgeous tanks,¬†2 sweaters(one is mohair), 3 short sleeved pullovers, 2 pairs of shorts, one mini skirt and one camisole

Accessories: 4 scarfs; one is double knitted mohair and particularly lovely, one is crocheted, and one has a crochet border, 2 hats, one short sleeved shrug, a pair of fingerless gloves, 4 pairs of socks and a crochet necklace

Household: One ottoman cover (really cute -if you do happen to have a cube shaped ottoman), and one lacy afghan

In total 30 patterns (including the 2 crocheted items) The designs were quite pretty but some of them are very young, and I am saying that as a 20-something. Young is not bad, but some of them are very trendy and I would be afraid of them being out of style by the time I finished them. Honestly I would wear it anyway, because they’re so nice looking, but it is a factor to consider.

All in all: 4Balls¬†I love the designs and the colors, but despite the number of patterns the variety was limited, and the styling made the patterns look very ‘current’ when I won’t be wearing them for a few weeks yet.



Crochet World August 2009

The only article I spotted in this magazine is a short bio of one of the designers, Debra Arch, whose cute crock-pot cozy pattern is listed, the bio was informative, but I would have liked a little more  in the way of articles.


Women’s: 1 pullover, 1 skirt, 1 cardigan

Accessories: 4 scarves, one crocheted entrelac purse (a very interesting concept), one drawstring bag, one beret

Household: 1 baby blanket, pillow case edging, clothespin holder, soap cozy, water bottle holder, can cozy, mini tissue box cozy, crock pot cozy, sunflower towel trim, an afghan, and a clock (how different is that!)

Kid’s: 1 shawl neck cardigan, 1 dress, 1 skirt,¬†1 camo bag and 1 G.I. Joe vest and tent (adorable!)

Total number of patterns: 27

I would suggest, that if you have already picked this magazine up and put it down (as I did at first) to take a second look. Some of the patterns are actually quite clever (i.e. a crochet clock!) but they are not displayed to their best and the color choices may have been a bit unfortunate. Look through that and you will see some rather intriguing designs.

My rating:2BallsThe designs are rather clever, but the way they are displayed is less than appealing in most cases, I picked up then put down this magazine at least three different times, before buying it, am hardly hesitant when it comes to spending money on yarn-related purchases.

Monday Morning Mag Review: Crochet! Magazine

June 29, 2009


Crochet! Magazine

This was a cute summer magazine, with a lot of home goods in it.

The patterns:

Home: an afghan, some doilies, a pitcher cover (which is ,apparently, a square cloth to cover a pitcher), a small rug, a table runner, and a beautiful, lacy coverlet.

Women’s: 2 pullovers, 1 dress with a fishnet top, a cardigan, a duster, a charm bracelet, a shawl and a bag.

Children’s: an afghan, a baby sundress, and a baby hat.

Total: 17 patterns

The most interesting article to me was an article on changing the look of a pattern, though I certainly wouldn’t recommend the frilly collar they put on a shirt :


My rating: 3BallslulzThere were some cute patterns, I really liked the lacy coverlet, but overall the magazine was rather lackluster, in my opinion at least.

Monday Morning Mag Review: Knit Simple

June 29, 2009

Real quick- In a change of format, and to make things easy to find, the crochet magazine will be going live in a half an hour. If you do crochet, may I suggest you still read this particular review, you might find something to interest you.

Next week, in the interest of fairness, the crochet magazine will be reviewed first.



I found Knit Simple very interesting for one main reason and it’s on the cover above: the word crochet. Not only that, the mesh top is not the only crochet pattern in the magazine.

The patterns go:

6 pullovers. 2 mesh tops (1 knit/ 1 crochet),2 cardigans, 1 skirt,1 dress, 1 crochet beach skirt, 1 shrug, 1 scarf, 1 hairpin (crochet) lace shawl
a place mat,  crochet baskets, a felted laptop bag, a felted pouch, a teapot cozy, potholders, washcloths, a vase cover, a bath mat, a crochet beach blanket, crochet totes- that fit into their own pocket( very neat)

2 girl’s tanks, a baby dress, a baby cardigan (girl), a baby sailor set( hat, pants, pullover, booties) a girl’s sweater,¬† a girl’s vest

The total is:¬†31 knit patterns (the most I’ve seen in any knitting mag so far) and¬†6 crochet patterns.

The article that I really liked was 101 Top Knitting Tips, where knitting big wigs (like Nicky Epstein and Kristin Nicholas) the tips are all quite useful, and this article alone is worth the cost of the magazine.

This is a pretty cool magazine, I would change only one thing- for the less bi-stitchual among us, they should mark the different patterns better. More than one person at my Thursday night group was saying “Oh, what a cute pattern! Nevermind…. it’s crochet.”¬† This, I thought, was unfair to them.

Rating:5-BOYI would suggest picking up this magazine to knitters and crocheters alike!