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The Winner!!

November 16, 2009

As I said, the might Google defeated me and the answer is, as so many of you said, The Sign of Four. The “Rebellion of ’57” came from that book, and when examining Watson’s poketwatch as a test of his skills of observation, Holmes spoke about the habits of pawnbrokers in England. Here’s the sneak preview of the colorway:






The winner is: Sara

Congratulations! For those who didn’t win, don’t worry, this is going to be an ongoing giveaway, though there will be 2 changes. First, that the clues will be a little less obvious, and hopefully a lot more fun, and secondly that since this will be a monthy contest (running from the 1st to the 15th of each month) the giveaways will only be for 1 month of the subscription.


Come check Monday’s Post

November 14, 2009

Sorry about there being no review today, but there is a review on Monday. I had planned on doing a magazine review to  make up for the missed one on Monday, but I missed my morning coffe (8 hours ago) and still haven’t woken up. It just wouldn’t be fair to whichever magazine I reviewed.  (I’m not a morning eprson ha! person.) I rest my case!

Okay, so Monday- it’s not only the  kick off of the blog tour, and a review of the book It’s in the Bag, but I will also be announcing the winner of the giveaway.

Now I am not giving anymore hints, because it seems I’ve already been beaten by the might of google, but there is still time to enter. The contest ends officially tomorrow night at midnight! Enter a guess, or just say hi and you’ll get an entry. Along with the winner I will also display this months colorway!

New Giveaway-Play Detective

November 5, 2009

And now another giveaway!!

Yes, yes, I know I just finished one, but it was so much fun, that I had to do another right away. Speaking of that giveaway, I have heard from both Diane and Darcy, and their winnings should be in the mail tomorrow. 

Anyways, this new giveaway goes hand-in-hand with the updates I just made to my etsy shop. I just posted the Sherlock Holmes Clubs. There is the knitting not-just-sock club, the crochet not-just-sock club, the knitting sample club and the crochet sample club.

I love sock clubs and yarn clubs, but I noticed a few general problems:

1. They get really expensive; so I came up with a sample club. Big enough to enjoy new yarn each month, and create a small project out of it, but it won’t break the bank.

2. I like to make socks, but not only socks; so I made my clubs not-just-sock clubs, with projects made from sock yarn so if you choose you can create only socks, but there are options.

3. I haven’t seen a crochet sock club. Not to say that they don’t exist (I do not claim omniscience – if you know of one please, please, please let me know!!) So along with my knitting not-just-sock, and sample clubs, I have crochet clubs at the same price with the same theme, and same yarn. Only difference is the pattern, (and there may be a few less socks in the general scheme of things.)

The giveaway rules:

Play Detective!

December’s Shipment is based on a particular Holmes story, and I will drop hints here and there throughout the next week or so, and you, my fine readers can guess which story this month will be based on.

If you’re not a Holmes fanatic like myself, don’t worry. This works off of participation, not accuracy. Hazard a guess on which Holmes story it is, and your name will be in the drawing to win a 3 month subscription of the club of your choice. (I’m thinking one of the not-just-sock clubs, but if you would rather a sample club, that’s fine with me.)  The hints will also go from very vague to more concrete each time.

Hint #1- This story featured the “Rebellion of ’57”

Edit: Thank you Ikkinlala! Yep, please leave your guess comments on this post, though commenting on any post with a guess is valid.

Taking crazy one day at a time

November 5, 2009

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”- Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll

I sooo have Alice beat, just with the schedule for my next month:

1.)Complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days

2.) Knit: 1 sock, 1 bear outfit including night shirt, robe, slippers and night cap (for a contest for charity), 2 pairs of socks (my own design), 1 pair of gloves (also my own design)

3.) Crochet: 1/4 of throw, 1 tiny bear (to put on bear mentioned above), 1 pair of socks

4.) Keep updating blog twice daily w

5.) Keep improving my etsy store, adding new items and finding new and better ways of doing things

6.) That’s right, I do have a day job…..

7.) Kick off my first Sherlock Holmes giveaway!

So take that Alice! Honestly, this would be terrible if I didn’t thrive off of crazy-intense pressure and deadlines. I always prioritize so the really important things get done but if I give myself too much room, then I start slacking. Can’t have that!

Oh, look out for the giveaway sometime before 6pm. (I would love to give a better estimate, but I am just the tiniest bit busy.)


October 29, 2009

As a way to thank everyone who still checks my blog, and to welcome brand new people to my brand new blog (looks wise at least). I have decided to giveaway a skein of handyed yarn and the Hook and Needle Girl Itty Bitty Ditty Bag – a drawstring, lined bag big enough to hold a sock project or something around that size, and small enough to throw in a purse, or hang from a belt loop.

Because my favorite Holiday group is coming up – Halloween, All Saints Day (i.e. My Birthday), and Day of the Dead; I will announce 3 winners in honor of each day.

The contest ends midnight on the Day of the Dead (Nov 2nd) eastern time. I will announce the 3 winners 6 pm Nov 3rd (is that “Dawn of the Dead”?)

Now as for the important info…

How to Enter:

1. Comment on this post with a Fiber Artist you would like to see featured. It could be someone famous, someone not-so-famous, or even yourself or a friend. If there’s a website there’s a way (blogs count!)

         Now if you want to be featured and have info you don’t want to post all over the internet, please e-mail me at HookandNeedleGirl (at) – the e-mail will also count as an entry. Please don’t be shy.

2. You have to pick the prize. To do so please go to my etsy store and pick out your favorite yarn, and let me know in the comment so I know what to send you.

Okay, have fun and good luck!


Sunday Morning Confessions

August 2, 2009

Bless me reader for I have sneezed– I mean sinned.

In the past week I have:

-started waaayy more projects than I have hope of finishing shortly (7 at last count)

-purchased so much sugar and cream, I then had to purchase a tote to hold it all, and it still won’t all fit. (is excessive yarn-buying ever really a sin?)

-have been wracked with indecision on which KnitPicks interchangeables set I should get. I like wood normally, but would it be too sticky? Maybe the nickle, but what about the new Zephyrs?

-have spent almost as much time reading as I have creating.

-have debated starting my novel again. (because the reading apparently shows that I have too much free time!)

-have spent more money on safety eyes and buttons than I spent on the whole bag of sugar and cream,which was the whole of my yarn purchase this week.

Despite the slightly conflicting sins of buying too much yarn and spending too much money on accessories, there are some doozies here. I think I have to have a giveaway as penance.

Give me a day or two to come up with a good prize and we will have some fun! 🙂

Sunday Morning Confessions

July 12, 2009

Okay, it took me quite a while, but I finally created the breakdown of all the responses (over 300!) that I received from the giveaway. Before I share that, however, I would like to re-post a poll. I am debating having the patterns for the next week or two be men’s hats because that is what Knits for Needs has requested. I have only had 3 responses as of yet and I would like a little big of a larger response, so I changed the poll a bit.

Please vote!!

Okay, now on to the break down. These are the trends, so single requests are not here, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t do them, and I myself have a complete breakdown. However, as anyone can see the comments on the site, I thought a ‘patterns by the numbers’ list would be rather interesting; I know I was a bit surprised at parts.

27 requests for a lacy shawl or stole pattern

20 requests for sock patterns

16 requests for wearables for children of various ages (I will honor these as best as I can, but I will have to dig around for some modles/sizing persons)

13 requests for plus sizes (This surprised me, and that made me feel like an idiot. For some reason I never thought that others might share my plus size woes)

11 requests for purses or handbags (this suits my purse obsession quite well :))

11 requests for shrugs (I never contemplated making a shrug before, but I’m working on my first one now, a simple crochet one, with more to come)

10 requests for items (not socks) with sock yarn

7 requests for amigurumi or knit toys

6 requests for various mens patterns (this I have been working on, it will be a while yet, mens patterns can take a while to knit up!)

5 requests for patterns that have sizing for women with a bit more chest (see my comment on the plus sizes above for my reaction to this ;))

5 requests for fingerless gloves

5 requests for messenger bags

5 requests for knit/crochet hybrid patterns

4 requests for WIP bags


So… for some of these I just have to find where I put the pattern notes, other suggestions brought my mind in a whole new direction (which was the point of the whole thing) and all in all I had a lot of fun.

As for the site suggestions, some of them I have already altered, but most of them I am working on. I have sitting next to me right now a list a half a page long of changes to make to the site. The problem is that my programming experience is limited to BASIC and eXcel. Neither of which is very useful on a modern website. I promise you that I will catch up though.

Giveaway Winners!

July 5, 2009

Okay, so as I know you’re all curious, with no further ado, the winners:

Lauria  and Marsha- I sent out the emails last night (or very early this morning, depending on what you want to call it.) So if you think this is you, then check your email!

I would also like to wish a Happy Birthday to both Lauria and Marie. Click on their names to go to their blogs and wish them a happy b-day. I’m very impressed that the random number generator chose a birthday girl. It obviously has good judgement.

I am still going through all the comments and right now I’m trying to make a table to go through all the great feedback I got.

As you might have seen, I’ve been making a few small changes to the site based on the comment. Right now I’m putting myself through a crash course on CSS so I can change the important things like the width of the blog and the background color.

As for the patterns right now I am brainstorming on a bunch of them but two repeated comments that caught my attention were requests for shrugs, specifically long sleeved shrugs, and plus sizes. One of the patterns I’m refining now is a shrug, and as to plus sizes, and larger cup sizes…

I understand, on a very personal level what that’s like, so you can be sure that I will never put up a wearable that was not also sized for us curvy girls.

I’m off to work on all my feedback and categorize it. As soon as I do, I’ll post the breakdown. In the mean time, please keep the comments coming!

Welcome to the weekend deals!

July 4, 2009

As if to make up for Monday’s lack, I had no trouble finding great deals and giveaways this time, enjoy!

4 oceanic theme WIP bags are being given away at the Phat Fiber Blog: is offering 10% off her handspun yarn in celebration of independence day.

www.sandrasingh.comhas 25% off Schafer Anne yarn (believe me, this is gorgeous yarn!) is adding to their ‘outlet’ section. It’s got a great selection and the outlet prices are great!

In honor of Independence Day (of the USA variety) www.yarn4socks.comis offering 30% off on any yarn with red, white or blue and any pattern, booklet, dpn or circular needles. It can be hard to find pattern sales, so I would suggest taking a look.

www.MidnightSkyFibers.comis offering a $10 handspun grab bag. This store has some great handspun for reasonable prices.

It’s now week 3 of’ssummer Blogcation(tm) go straight to it here: is having a giveaway for the book ‘Pints and Purls’ and a skein of lovely yarn:

A 2 skein yarn giveaway at

Sunsetcat.comis giving away a set of stitch markers and themed notecards to whoever helps her decide which sock to cast on!

Pick a catchphrase and get a $25 gift certificate!! No, seriously, you want to check this one out:


June 28, 2009

Okay, so to celebrate both the first month of my blog and passing the 10,000 hits mark I am hosting a giveaway. I am making each entry a comment because I really want to make sure that all my readers are getting what they want.

 There will be two winners, each of which will win: 1 “Pretty Cheep” project bag, 1 skein of sock yarn either Malabrigo or Araucania, 1  travel size tube of ‘Udder Cream’ (a fabulous moisturizer), 2 iron on customizable ‘handmade’ labels, 1 lantern moon notebook and 4 knit and crochet stitch markers. All of these things with the exception of the stitch markers I made are purchased from my LYS The Village Knitter. (Thank you, Karen!)

Here’s a picture of both prize kits

giveaway copy

(click to enlarge)

What do you have to do? Leave me a comment, anywhere on the site telling me one of two things:

1.) A pattern you would like to see me make. I will soon be putting some not-free patterns up so this one comes with a bonus. If you tell me an idea that I then use, I will send you a copy of the pattern, even if I am not posting it free. So come on, make me your own personal knit/crochet designer; I dare you!

2.) Tell me about what you like or dislike about my blog, what you would keep, what you would change. Please use some tact, but I really do have a thick skin and I love constructive criticism. My sister just got Dreamweaver and she will be helping me overhaul the whole site, so let me know!

Now, if you happen to be in a chatty mood, and  would like to comment on both these things, then you have made 2 entries and I will count it as such. I will announce both winners next Sunday July 5th, so you have a week to enter.

To recap:

Leave a comment anywhere on my site to get a chance at one of the goodie bags pictured above. Comment on the site or on a pattern idea for one entry and comment on both for 2 entries. The winner will be announced July 5th.

Thank you all again, and I can’t wait to see what you have to say.