Come check Monday’s Post

Sorry about there being no review today, but there is a review on Monday. I had planned on doing a magazine review to  make up for the missed one on Monday, but I missed my morning coffe (8 hours ago) and still haven’t woken up. It just wouldn’t be fair to whichever magazine I reviewed.  (I’m not a morning eprson ha! person.) I rest my case!

Okay, so Monday- it’s not only the  kick off of the blog tour, and a review of the book It’s in the Bag, but I will also be announcing the winner of the giveaway.

Now I am not giving anymore hints, because it seems I’ve already been beaten by the might of google, but there is still time to enter. The contest ends officially tomorrow night at midnight! Enter a guess, or just say hi and you’ll get an entry. Along with the winner I will also display this months colorway!

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One Response to “Come check Monday’s Post”

  1. Darcy Says:

    I have to drink alot of coffee before I’m Hugs Darcy

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