Fiber Artist Friday: Kara Gott Warner

Todays Fiber Artist is a wonderful knit-wear designer, an editor of knitting books *and* she has her own etsy store! 

On her blog she talks a little bit about her different activities, and boy does she keep busy. However, as many different activities as she has, she keeps calm throughout it all; which is certainly more that I can manage!

Her etsy shop, i gott knits has some great e-patterns, including her new pattern collection “Au Petit Paris” I love to knit accessories, so I really get into things like this.

cowlclochecowl 2

According to the site the pattern was inspired by her time living in Paris. I find this especially exciting, because it makes the collection name truly meaningful, rather than just pretty. I would love to translate all the french names of the different patterns for you, but I took spanish in school! 🙂

I have to say though, despite the wonderful patterns on her etsy store ( my favorite items are her “mala-esque” bracelets. I am not a bracelet person normally, but I totally covet these accessories!

mala 2mala 1mala 3

Don’t they just look intriguing?

Kara was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, and gave me some great behind-the-scenes info on the process of publishing a knitting book, so be sure to check back in 12 hours; same bat-time, same bat-network!!


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