Monday Morning Mag Review:Knotions Mag

I found a new knitting e-zine! is a wonderful knitting online magazine; it’s a diamond in the rough, only without the rough.

There are quite a few patterns on it and there was a good selection. It helped that the current issue has a ‘mini sock issue’ in it, so there is plenty of eye candy for a sock yarn enthusiast. I mean, look at these sweet things:

cute socks

That’s not all! There is also great lace patterns and some wonderful cable patterns. I personally think that this pullover would look great on just about anyone:


I absolutely love the cable pattern on the top. Don’t ask me why, but it is one of my favorite cable patterns, I just find it so elegant.

Besides the lovely patterns (17 that I can count) there are also 2 book reviews, a review on Signature Needles – something I found quite interesting, and 3 different tutorials.

The only downside of this site is that the navigation is a little confusing, it was hard to tell what was the current issue and what was archive.

My rating:5-BOY I am such a sucker for independent online magazines, and Knotions is a perfect example why.

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One Response to “Monday Morning Mag Review:Knotions Mag”

  1. StephCat Says:

    the other downside is that the latest issue is the last…..

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