Monday Evening Magazine Review: Crochet Uncut

Going with the e-zine theme, I wanted to go over my favorite online crochet magazine, Crochet Uncut.

**Quick note about this morning’s post, apparently the current issue of Knotions is also the last issue. Thank you Sunset Cat!**

Honestly, I found Knotions after I went looking for the equivalent of Crochet Uncut- a fun, fairly small zine with a great sense of style.

So the Fall 09 issue of Crochet Uncut features…..


an adorable puppy!

And a turtle toy, but what toy can compete with that face?

Even more than the patterns, (which I do love) what I really love about this zine are the articles. There is one about, of all things, neck pain! Personally, I have definitely known some major neck issues after a marathon crochet session, so I read this carefully.

There is also a great review on Bijou Basin Ranch yarn. It’s made extra special because of an element often missing from product reivews- price! It is not a cheap yarn, but I agree with the writer that sometimes the splurge is so worth it.

Okay, I won’t go through the articles one by one, but these are just a few of the good ones, you have to go to Crochet Uncut’s site to check them all out.

In the patterns I found a lot of neckwear from very elegant, to a self-proclaimed “wacky” scarf. (If wacky=seriously cute, then I agree.) I’m a big fan of crocheted neckwear, but what really caught my eye was a cotton lunch tote and a pair of mittens.

lunch thingmittens

Here are the lunch tote and mittens, respectively (in case you were confused!)

The lunch tote is made to fit a specific tupperware type container and is made out of basic cotton. Doesn’t it look so much more fun than your basic brown bag? Better for the environment too! Though if you pack your lunch in there, make sure you bring enough to share, because everyone’s going to want to see what you have.

The mittens are designed by Darlisa Riggs, out of Bijou Basin Ranch yarn! Darlisa also wrote the review of the yarn. (Perfect proof that she knows what she’s talking about!)

The mittens are a really clever design with little “snow” stitches on them, and they would be a great christmas/holiday gift!

My rating:5-BOYWell, really. Did you expect anything different?

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