Sunday Morning Confessions

Alright, so I’ve been crazy this week, but I do have one confession:

I am beyond behind on my NaNoWriMo novel. Mostly because I interrupted one book to start the “new” novel off, and I keep getting ideas for the interrupted book. Hmm… maybe that tells me something…

My current work in progress is a whole night-time outfit for a bear. I am in the Long Island Knitting and Crochet Guild, and last meeting they handed out stuffed bears, the deal was that we would dress them, and there would be a contest for cutest outfit, then all of the resulting bears would go to charity.

Now, I think it’s great to donate the bears to a charity, but the contest does make it more interesting. So now I am finishing off the nightshirt, and then I’ll work on a nightcap, a robe and slippers and finally I want to make the bear his own (yes he’s a boy) stuffed bear to cuddle with.

I will post pictures as the items actually get finished- hopefully the nightshirt will be done sometime today!

I also want to play around with yarn dyes later, which should be lots of fun! I have a new group of colors I want to try to create- the Poisonous Plants line. Lots of deadly names, with the colors coming from the flowers. We’ll see how that comes out.


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