Tuesday Tip: I bet you thought I forgot

Okay, for this tuesday I wanted to help everyone with some sizing info for Holiday gifts.

I know how hard it is to size everything right when you have gift recipients willing to try things on, and it’s that much harder when you’re working from sight or from “Men’s Large.” Just what is men’s large anyway?

Here are some sizing charts:

Women’s Sizing Chart: (convenient to remember)http://www.womenssizechart.com/

Here’s some charts for standard sizing for the whole family:


Women’s Inches to Shoe Size Conversion Chart:


Women’s International Shoe Size Chart (for easy conversion):


Women’s Shoe Size/ Width Chart (a must have for socks!):


Men’s Inches to Shoe Size Conversion:


Men’s International Shoe Size Chart:


Men’s Shoe Size Width Chart:


Always remember: if you use the exact measurement, expect to have very form-fitting clothes. Add 1 inch for ‘form fitting’, 2 inches for ‘regular’ fit and 3 or more inches for ‘loose’ clothing. (think sweaters and other outerwear)

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One Response to “Tuesday Tip: I bet you thought I forgot”

  1. vickie Says:

    hey its vickie from knithappens just saying hello i kind of dropped off the face of the earth but im back now saying hey:-) hope you had a good Samhain and a good El Día de los Muertos!

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