Friday: Fiber History

First let me thank everyone who has commented with a suggestion about a fiber artist so far. My first few e-mails will be going out today.

Because I want to kick start the Friday Fiber Artist collectively, today will be dedicated to Fiber History. (Because, well, why not?)

I have been knee deep in Victorian historical research for the past week. In that vein I wanted to give you a couple of Victorian patterns that I have come across (and admired.)

First the Princess Crocheted Workbag. Not only is it gorgeous, but Mary Schlueter also provided translation, making the pattern workable from a modern day American perspective.

princess crochet bag

Doesn’t it look incredibly intricate? The instructions aren’t terribly complicated, and now I have a serious case of bag-envy. That seems to be a natural state for me though.

Second, from the same site: Infant’s Knitted Bootee . Unfortunately there is no gauge or yarn or needle size but hey, that just adds to the adventure!

Looking at them though, I wonder if it wasn’t done with sewing thread, because these look like terribly intricate booties to fit on a infant foot. Hmmm. Betcha if you use worsted weight and sz 5’s you could make an “Adult’s Knitted Bootee”



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