I’m Back!

Hopefully some of you will be happy to hear from me again! I have done some careful consideration during my hiatus and made some important decisions about what caused me to burn out.

Due to this I have re-formulated the blog to still provide the information on the schedule that I want but still be possible to maintain.

Before I go through the new schedule I definitely think it’s time to finish the old business. In short the line-by-line instructions for the sweetheart scarf are now up!


Go ahead, click the link. You know you want to!

Okay, now on to the new and improved schedule. Actually I’m lying, it’s not new, it’s pretty much the same as before except Thursdays. I just couldn’t take any more nights staying up until 2 or 3 am to finish and photograph whatever pattern I was trying to get up.

So.. in an effort to get more than a 4 hour average of sleep; the new schedule:

Monday 6 am : Monday Morning Magazine Review

Monday 6 pm: Monday Evening Magazine Review

Tuesday 6 am: Weekday Steals, Deals & Giveaways

Tuesday 6 pm: Tuesday Tip

Wednesday 6am: Web of yarn (website 1)

Wednesday 6pm: Web of yarn (website 2)

Thursday 6 am: Thursday wild card (either a coupon for my etsy store, a giveaway, a free pattern, a lesson, a free pattern, or many of the above)

Thursday 6pm: Thursday Twitter

Friday 6 am: Fiber Artist Friday- Background information

Friday 6pm: Fiber Artist Friday- Interview

Saturday 6am: Weekend Steals, Deals, and Giveaways

Saturday 6pm: Saturday review (anything yarn related that’s not a magazine)

Sunday 6am: Sunday Morning Confessions

Sunday 6pm: Sunday Evening Soundbyte

To start it off… A giveaway!

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