Monday Morning Magazine Review: Vogue Knitting

voguecoverVogue Knitting Fall 2009

Something I could tell when I first picked up this issue is that there’s a lot in it. I have to say I like that in a magazine, I would rather have tons of great designs that I don’t get to than go through the designs quickly. (But then I’m a re-reader.)

There are a lot of articles in this issue and I can only say: Yay!!

I love articles. Patterns aren’t great, but as I am spending most of my knitting and crocheting time (read: all of it) working patterns that I’m designing, I would like a good yarn-related article in the mean time.

There were lots of those, but my favorite is: Going Seamless: Part One by Jared Flood. I am a huge Jared Flood fan, though I’m probably a little biased, as he’s from Brooklyn (no- I’m not from the city, I’m from Long Island at about the halfway mark between the Hamptons and Manhattan.)

 I do try to support local businesses where I can. 🙂

About those Patterns:

Women’s: 15 cardigans (all very nice, except for one oversized one that said it had plus sizing, believe me, something that bulky only looks good on the smaller end of the size range), 4 pullovers, 1 coat, 1 dress

Accessories: 11 hats, 1 pair fingerless gloves, 1 pair fingered gloves, 1 shawl and 1 needle felted scarf (no knitting required)

Housewares: 1 knit-rose covered chair (it looked fabulous, but I worry that it wouldn’t be comfortable, I’d want to sit in one before creating my own)

Total Pattern Count: 37

That is a lot of patterns (and lots of articles to boot!)

My rating: 4BallslulzThis magazine was so close to a perfect rating, but the lack of sizing and the sheer repetition of cardigans and hats lost me along the way. If however you only knit cardigans and hats, this is the magazine for you!


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