Tuesday Tips: The New Guard

Okay, so I figured I’d write this little post to let you know that I am changing the look of the “Tuesday Tips.”

From now on (for as long as I can handle it at least) I will post lessons instead of tips. There will only be one lesson a week, switching from crochet to knitting on alternate weeks. Because of this, each type of lesson will be up every 2 weeks, so the lessons themselves will be in 2 parts, giving you the choice whether to follow the entire lesson or part one, then part two on separate occasions.

Also in the vein of trying to offer more choices, I will post both pictures and videos so you have the option of using either or both.

Here’s the schedule for the next month:

8/11- Anatomy of a chain stitch/ crocheting into a chain (creating a dishcloth)

8/18- Long tail cast on/ the knit stitch ( garter dishcloth)

8/25- half double crochet and applied chain stitch (eyelet kitchen towel)

9/1- cable cast on/ the purl stitch (stockinette dishcloth)

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One Response to “Tuesday Tips: The New Guard”

  1. Heather Says:

    I am looking forward to these lessons. I knit well but my crochet is awful. I would like to improve it so I can add details to my knitting on occasions and stop asking my ten year old to fix my crocheting.Thanks!

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