Sunday Morning Confessions

Bless me reader for I have sneezed– I mean sinned.

In the past week I have:

-started waaayy more projects than I have hope of finishing shortly (7 at last count)

-purchased so much sugar and cream, I then had to purchase a tote to hold it all, and it still won’t all fit. (is excessive yarn-buying ever really a sin?)

-have been wracked with indecision on which KnitPicks interchangeables set I should get. I like wood normally, but would it be too sticky? Maybe the nickle, but what about the new Zephyrs?

-have spent almost as much time reading as I have creating.

-have debated starting my novel again. (because the reading apparently shows that I have too much free time!)

-have spent more money on safety eyes and buttons than I spent on the whole bag of sugar and cream,which was the whole of my yarn purchase this week.

Despite the slightly conflicting sins of buying too much yarn and spending too much money on accessories, there are some doozies here. I think I have to have a giveaway as penance.

Give me a day or two to come up with a good prize and we will have some fun! 🙂

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4 Responses to “Sunday Morning Confessions”

  1. vickie Says:

    yeahhhh!!!!!! giveaways rock:-) dont worry about the little sins as buying too much yarn. I just won a $100.00 surprise package from Dodge Creation just for being on their email list. Im not sure what I am going to do with everything.

  2. Gwytherinn Says:

    Might be too late, but maybe I can help! I normally use the nickel Knitpicks needles, which I like very much. I started knitting on plastic needles I think, and I never understood why I felt like I was fighting with the yarn!! It was always so frustrating, and probably is why it took me so long to actually stick with it – so I was worried that the wood would be the same. But I tried out a pair, and I really like them with Malabrigo! The yarn was so slippery on metal needles, the wood had just the right amount of grip.

    I need to place a huge order with Knitpicks for supplies soon… I might actually reach the $50 free shipping mark for once! Ouch!!!

  3. Gwytherinn Says:

    P.S. What have you been reading???

    • H&N Girl Says:

      Actually I just finished with the latest Sherrilyn Kenyon novel “Bad Moon Rising“(It was pretty good, but definitely not her best work) and I’m still going on and off with the “Strange Brew” anthology. I was actually pouting before about there not being another new book out from one of my favorite authors until Aug 25. 🙂

      P.S. Thanks for the tip about Knit Picks, I definitely think I’m getting the Harmony needles. I tend to like wood needles, and they’re just so pretty!

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