Saturday Review: Maggi Knits ‘Linen’ Yarn

Okay so today I was actually going to review the ‘Wool in the Woods’ rayon that I’ve been working on with my shrug turned cardigan.

Alas as I found ye…. Well, the company is closed as far as I can find out. They are no longer making yarn at any rate and the yarn is almost impossible to find any on the internet.

I felt it was a little unfair to tell you guys about this great yarn I just found, and follow it up with “na-na  na-na-na you can’t get any!” So… I decided to go with a yarn I love an equal amount, though I found it quite a while ago:

maggi 1

Maggi Knits ‘Linen’ – which is, technically speaking,a cotton linen blend. Hence the quotes.

I really do love this yarn, though it can be tricky to work with due to it’s loose ply. I would recommend working it on wooden needles if knitting, because that got rid of the slight splitting problem I was having.

If you crochet, go for it! I really love this yarn as a crochet medium.

maggi 2

In either knitting or crochet though, I would recommend using a tighter gauge than is specified on the label, I have gotten wonderful results with size 4 needles and a size G hook. You could go a bit larger, but it looks messy to me. (That’s probably just me though.) 🙂

My Rating: 4BallslulzUmmm.. can you rate yarn by yarn balls? I don’t know, so I’ll try it anyway. 🙂

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