Tuesday Tips: Household Helpers

Today I would like to show you a few things that I use around the house when I either:

a.)discover I need something at 10pm Sunday night


b.) would rather spend the money on yarn.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but it’s almost a certainty that if something’s going to go missing on me, it will go missing at the one time that I can’t replace it. So, for all your crochet and knitting emergencies, here are my household helpers.

floss threaderDental Floss Threader-

Used normally for flossing with braces, it can also be used to pull thick yarn though either beads or eyes of small needles.

Replaces: Big eye needle and needle threader



Rubber Bands

These inexpensive little guys are great for keeping projects on the needles (or tunisian crochet hook) and keeping all your supplies together.

Replaces: knitting needle coil wraps, needle point protectors



This is great not just for usual measurements and checking gauge, but it also works great as a ‘wpi’ or wraps per inch tool (and keeping the other knitters in line at knit night 😉 )


Gallon sized zip-bags (brand name not withstanding) are great work-in-progress bags. You can see what’s inside them, they’re less permeable than a stitched bag, and the smooth inside keeps yarn from getting caught or tangled. Best of all, they’re disposable.

Replaces: any small WIP bag

yarn ballpretty

Extra Yarn

The best thing about this is that you should have it everywhere! I know I do. I love using extra yarn as stitch markers on both my crochet and knitting or as a stitch holder on my knitting or tunisian crochet.

Replaces: stich markers (knit+crohcet) and stitch holders

Total Cost: $8.33 (I didn’t add anything for extra yarn, hopefully you have some on hand 🙂 )

Buying the specialty items they replaced: $47.52

Having the extra money to get another skein of Malabrigo: Priceless

(I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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