Monday Morning Magazine Review: Creative Knitting

creative knittingCreative Knitting September 2009

There were only a couple of real ‘articles’ in this issue(by that I mean not the collections of reviews and snippets); but the two I spotted were both interesting. A bio on Lorna Miser, the author of Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting and “The ABC’s of sock knitting; of the two the latter was definitely my favorite, but then I’m kind of addicted to sock knitting and going through withdrawal- so it might just be me.

The patterns on the other hand are both wonderful and plentiful. One of my favorites is called “Mitered Magic and it uses a mitered square technique to create a boat neck pullover. The sweater just looks like it would be simple to knit and really flattering.

Here’s the Breakdown:
Women’s: 5 pullovers, 8 cardigans, 1 parka, 1 vest, 1 pair of capris
Accessories: 1 wrap, 2 sets of mittens, 1 hat, 1 scarf
Children’s: 1 set of anklet socks, 1 sleeveless hoodie for an older girl, 5 cardigans in various sized (smallest one fits an American girl doll)
Mens: 1 v-neck sweater
Household: 1 pillow cover, 2 afghans, place mat, napkin ring

Total number:34

My rating: 4-BOYAgain the patterns are wonderful, and I debated giving it 5 balls of yarn because that’s how many skeins I would need of this yarn to make the mitered sweater; but I’m picky and I like articles to read as I wind my yarn.

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6 Responses to “Monday Morning Magazine Review: Creative Knitting”

  1. Gwytherinn Says:

    I admit I have nothing substantial to say about the magazine itself, but oh I just had to comment on withdrawal….. Thanks to the help you and Annette were on Thursday, my project seems well on its way and I….want….to….knit….. I also just started a new fantasy book this past weekend so I also want….to… read…. Sitting here at work going through the withdrawal from both is driving me a little batty! I just keep thinking about yarn (…new malabrigo sock colors!!)… and books… and yarn (what malabrigo color to pick for Just Enough Ruffles!!!)…. and books….. gah!!!

    – Erin from knit night.

    • H&N Girl Says:

      oooh… What book?? (I so understand the dilemma, if only there was something that would hold the book and turn the pages for me while I knit!)

      • Gwytherinn Says:

        It is Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars series, the first one being King’s Dragon. I think I’ve been literally looking to pick up this series since it first came out ten years ago. I recently got into fantasy again and I’m really happy I did!! I’ve missed the genre a lot. Speaking of which, I saw your post on the fantasy book thread and the Kushiel series is amazing! I loved it so much, it is really worth finishing. I should read the second trilogy soon.

        I can sort of read and knit at the same time, moreso on a computer screen, but I’m slowly getting used to books. (I have a weighted bookmark that holds books open.) It has to be knit stitch only though, in worsted weight yarn! With the laceweight now I have a bit of trouble even watching tv – the stitches stick together sometimes, and I wince to think I might have decreased at some point…. lol. Hopefully I’ll get used it at some point though!

      • H&N Girl Says:

        Oooh, expect many questions on knit night! šŸ™‚ I’m always on the lookout for new fantasy authors and I’ve never read her before.

      • Gwytherinn Says:

        Of course!!! I love talking books. And I work in a bookstore, so I tend to know an inordinate amount about a lot of them whether I’ve read them or not – so that helps! šŸ™‚

      • H&N Girl Says:

        ooooohhhh!!! What book store!?! (I am a bilbilophile- so it might not be wise to tell me- you’ll never get rid of me!) Oh, and you can pm me on Ravelry if you don’t wan’t everyone and their brother to see your answer. šŸ˜‰

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