Monday Magazine Review: Crochet World Fall 2009

Crochet World Fall 2009

You can have no idea how happy I was to onto and see not a hint about this issue except that it is due out in October. My local bookstore had it on the shelf early, and I can see why as this is the only new crochet magazine I spotted; but seeing the cover almost gave me heart failure:

crochet world

Talk about Christmas in July!!

Although I do see another point the bookstore may have been making. If you want to have anywhere near enough time to do these patterns, you need to start now!

Because of the theme of the magazine, my pattern breakdown is more of one big list:

27ornaments, 6 afghans, 5 doilies, 3 table runners, 2 pairs of slippers, 2 bibs, 2 booties, 2 bookmarks, a treetop angel, a snowman, a pineapple stitch wreath, a ‘christmas package’ tissue box cozy, wine glass charms, towel topper, granny square tote, a stuffed football, a stuffed soccer ball, a clown face pillow (be warned that if the recipient has a fear of clowns, this will scar them for life), a woven christmas mat, a marble bag, hanging monkeys, a hook envelope

Total number of patterns: 66

You read that right- 66 patterns, and a whole lot of crochet thread. Okay, so there are no articles for me to babble on about so straight to the rating.

My rating:3Ballslulz With another one (or two-depending on quality) available if and when I see a holiday special that contains decorations for other religions. The theme is great and the issue will be quite useful to me, but then I celebrate Christmas, and I have a lot of friends who don’t.

Hmmmm… be on the lookout for a design of a crocheted dradle. 😉

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