Sunday Morning Confessions

So I have been quite busy for the last week or so.  I finally got Photoshop open (try troubleshooting a program that won’t open!) So the Thursday pattern pictures are now up and running.

For next week, I am working on a couple of hats. I was originally going to provide instructions for the colorwork/ without colorwork hat as I did with the knit hat, but I might end up adding the crochet version of the fish hat.

As for the shrug that I spoke about last Sunday, it has now become a short- sleeved lacy cardigan. Mostly because after getting 2/3 of the way done with the shrug, I was still on the first ball of yarn and I had bought 4. (Besides I think it would be cool to have a cute summer cardigan.)

The only problem with this is that I planned the shrug as a one piece so I started it in the middle of my back. Now I have a full front and half a back.

To make it look ‘on purpose’  rather than ‘oh yeah-that part’ I am considering making a row of eyelets and threading an I-cord through them. A cute little tie off that could work beautifully considering the “bottom” hits right at waist level right now.

So one more day and the main part will be done, then all I have to do is add button bands and other cute trimmings.

Off to knit some more….

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