Saturday Review: Couture Crochet Workshop

couture crochet

Couture Crochet Workshop: Mastering Fit, Fashion and Finesse by Lily Chin

I got this book from the Interweave ‘Hurt Book Sale’ and I am very happy to report that the only ‘hurt’ I see on this book is a little scratch on the bottom of the binding.

I have to say though, after getting a look at this book, I would have payed full price for it. There are 28 patterns in this book and that’s not the good part. The patterns are beautiful, but none of the patterns are stand alone, each of them are used as an example in a lesson. These lessons paired with the 30 pages (and I counted) of  jumpstart information in the beginning of the book, are pretty much priceless.

There are classes that will charge you hundreds of dollars without imparting a fraction of the information contained in this book.

The chapter titles are:

1. Laying the Foundation

2. Reading Charts

3. Planning Your Own Patterns

4. Refinements in Fitting

5. Crochet-Specific Stitching

6. Simpler Stitches

7. Circular Constructions

8. Manipulating Lace

9. Shell-Stitch Construction and Variations

10. Chevron Stitch Construction

I would have to recommend this information to both designers and crocheters who would simply like to alter patterns to fit them better. A lot of this information is transferable to knitting as well. (Lily Chin, if you recall, is bi-stitchual)

To give you a bit of some of the wonderful information hiding in this book, please let me quote:

Very close-fitting Actual chest/bust  measurement or less

Close-fitting  1-2 inches greater than chest/bust

Standard-fitting 2-4 inches greater than chest/bust

Loose-fitting 4-6 inches greater than chest/bust

Oversized 6 inches or greater than chest/bust”

And suddenly I understand my problems when I try sizing my own outfits. 🙂

My rating: 5-BOY Phenomenal, stupendous, amazing and any other positive superlative I can think of. If you are a knitter,  and see this book in you library or local bookstore, I would recommend picking it up. You may be interested enough to get it.

Okay, I’ll stop raving now. I have some reading to do….


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