Fiber Artist Friday: Edie Eckman


Edie Eckman is the author of The Crochet Answer Book and Beyond-the-Square Crochet Motifs.

At this point anything I write will be a paraphrase from her blog, so instead of a cheap imitation, here’s the real thing:

A former yarn shop owner, Edie has her hands in many aspects of the fiber arts—teaching, writing, designing and editing. Her designs are contemporary classics accessible to the average knitter or crocheter; they have appeared in many yarn company publications, magazines and pattern leaflets. Edie travels extensively teaching at conventions, shops and guilds. She enjoys sharing in that “aha” moment when her students grasp a new technique.

I had to put Edie Eckman up today, because after the post about Barbara Walker this morning I got looking for a comprehensive crochet collection, and the 2 people I came up with are Edie Eckman and Jan Eaton, and well, first of all, Edie is a lot more accessible to the online world. (I really do prefer to post people who have their own website.) Also, I own and use both of Edie’s books, so I have to give credit where credit is due, to this great crochet teacher and author.

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