Fiber Artist Friday: Barbara Walker

barbara walker

You learn something new every day and today was certainly no exception for me. You see, I have been eyeing Barbara Walker’s “Treasury of Knitting” volumes for ages. Really, if I was millionaire those 4 books would be at the top of the list of my first purchases. (I wouldn’t be a millionaire for long, my ‘if only I could-‘ shopping list is never ending 😉 )

In case you are not familiar with her books, please allow me to enable um, enlighten you.

The four books are: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, A Second Treasury of Knitting PatternsA Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

Simple, right? These books are exactly what they say they are, lists of patterns, but not the “Short-sleeved Sweater” type pattern, more of a lace/cable/ribbing type pattern book, but with extensive notes on how to make items using these patterns. (See why I need them?)

Now, if you’d rather not just shell out over $100  right now to get these books (I can’t blame you) you should definitely visit The Walker Treasury Project  which is doing a wonderful job of helping to share the resources with everyone. Not as good as a physical book, but hey, what is?

However, despite being the author of four (Not one or two or three but four!) compendiums of knitting; this was truly her hobby.

Yep, her day job was studying Pre-Indo-European neolithic matriarchies(Bet’cha can’t say that five times fast.)  from a feminist view point. Besides her Knitting treasure trove- ahem, excuse me I mean Knitting Treasury volumes, she also wrote The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets (1983) and Women’s Rituals: A Sourcebook.

Now to some people I’m sure this sounds deadly dull, but hey, I’m comfortable enough with my nerd status to admit that I want to read these almost as much as I want to read her other books.

I’m foreseeing a shelf set aside for the Barbara Walker collection in my fantasy library.


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2 Responses to “Fiber Artist Friday: Barbara Walker”

  1. Silverlotus Says:

    She is also well known in the Tarot community for her Barbara Walker Tarot. She’s a pretty amazing woman.

  2. Gwytherinn Says:

    Wow, that link to the Barbara Walker Treasury page is so cool!! I love looking at the sort of stitch patterns you can do, especially with colorwork. They can be so pretty. I learned to do a slip stitch stripe yesterday on my sampler pattern and it was so much fun. (So that the border has 2 alternating colors, I always wondered how to do that as I love the look! So often I see it on crocheted scarves.) I have no idea if what I described made any sense… ha.

    Also, the other books of Walker’s sound fascinating as well. A book that sounds similar to them that I’ve owned for many years is the Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines, by Patricia Monaghan. I am sad to see it is out of print now, I used to read it all the time….. anything I opened to was always so fascinating to read and re-read! (It looks like they are putting it back into print as a 2 volume hardcover set so undoubtedly it will probably be a lot more money… How annoying! I hope they at least make them really lovely, and at least it will be in print again….)

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