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**Quict, k note to all my readers: I am so sorry this post is late. I (usually) write the posts a few hours ahead of time and schedule them to post at a specific time, however at 6pm I wasn’t near a computer to check to see if it had posted on time (I’m a little crazy about it.) By the time I did get to a computer (about oh, 3 minutes ago) I found that this post was not up as I had scheduled.

Again my profuse apologies and I return you to the original post.**

———————————————————————————————-  is the sister site to

I have to say that it doesn’t get as much press. Now I can’t really talk, not having heard about Daily Knitter until they featured my pattern, but I didn’t find out about Daily Crocheter until I searched through Daily Knitter.

Not a lot of crocheters on the knitting site I don’t think…

However, once I found it, I realized that I had discovered yet another fabulous crochet resource. (Crochet has excellent websites, now if only we could get a few more magazines!)

I have to say, one of the favorite things about this site is that it has the same ‘Yarn Shop’ list as the knitting site. Think about this. Normally people assume yarn shops are for knitters and crocheters go to Michaels, Joanns, or another big box store. I think that is crud, and I’m glad that Daily Crocheter agrees.

There is a slight problem with the ‘Crochet Clubs’ section, because that is also the same list as on the Daily Knitter site so there are lots of “Sit ‘n Knit” groups who may or may not be happy with a crocheter joining up. Seriously, don’t ask me why, my local knitting group is only called that because it’s in a store called “The Village Knitter” more than a few of us are bi-stitual and a few lean heavily toward crochet. None of us are discriminated against, and in fact, most are envied.

So, as a site, I would go check it out. If only for the “Free Pattern of the Day” 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll see one of mine on there soon!



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