Tuesday Tips: Stitching in Public

Although I know that Knitting in Public day has passed, I would like to talk about this for the other people, like myself, who like to bring a WIP along when they go out.  Recently I’ve been seen crocheting in a theater and knitting at the beach. I have come across a few problems and so I would like to share some tips I’ve learned the hard way:

1.) When planning to stitch in a theater, start the work ahead of time. I realized that a starting chain is easy to do in the dark, but crocheting into the chain, not so much. So, get a couple of rows done beforehand to make it easy on yourself. 🙂

2.)It gets windy at the beach, so you probably don’t want to be starting works there either and it is probably a good idea to keep the slippery yarn at home. I was knitting with rayon on aluminum needles, and believe me, it wasn’t pretty.

3. A small WIP bag or basket is always a help. Something that allows you options is great, you just want it to hold your skein, not tangle or grab your working yarn, and balance happily anywhere, no matter how precariously you place it.

Has anyone else had any trials and tribulations knitting in public? I’d love to hear what you’ve learned, or any fun stories you’ve acquired.


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