Monday Magazine Review: KNITSCENE


(sorry, the website isn’t caught up yet, so this is the mag on my deck)

Knitscene Fall 2009 (Special Edition)

This is a beefy magazine with a whole lot of patterns in it. My favorite articles are the information on counting for lace and cable designs. From what I have seen this is the hardest part for most people, me included, when dealing with tricky designs. “Darn! I missed a yarn over, now I have to tink back 3 rows!” This should give you some tricks to help solve this before it happens.

The cover boasts 29 must-make knits for fall and by my count:

Women’s: 10 tops, 3 vests, 5 cardigans

Accessories: 1 pair fingerless gloves, 1 pair mittens, 3 hats (1 crocheted), 34scarves(1 unisex), 1 pair of socks

Men’s: 1 hoodie

So the 29 is accurate, but the ‘knit’ is not. Eh, people never seem to want to say “and crochet” anymore. 😉

My rating: 4BallslulzActually, my only problem with this magazine is that it’s geared towards fall and summer just got here!! (At least on Long Island) I don’t want to be knitting warm clothes yet!

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