Monday Magazine Review: Crochet! Magazine

I have to break in here real quick to inform my readers of a small change in format. From now on Mondays will be purely Magazine review, one at 6am and one at 6pm (EST). The Welcome to the week deals will still be here, but I’m moving them to Tuesday evening and the ‘Tuesday Tip’ will be condensed to one post.

I decided on this change because of the relative size of the posts. Monday morning was always huge and the two Tuesday posts were rather tiny. Thank you for your time and I now return you to your regular scheduled program:

crochet mag


Crochet! Magazine September 2009

This magazine had a bunch of interesting patterns in the issue with a whole lot of variety to them.

Before I get to the patterns however I would like  to talk about the articles, there were a couple, but they seemed part of the patterns to the point that after flipping through the book, I had to turn and flip through it all again to find them.

My favorite article is definitely the explanation of two textured stitch patterns. Now, I love all stitch patterns because they offer so many options without the boundaries of a pattern, so maybe this isn’t a surprise, but still; I’m glad they put it there.

Back to the Patterns:

Women’s: 3 cardigans (one sized to 2x), earrings, necklace, cropped vest, top

Accessories: wrist warmers, hood/neckwarmer, felted bag, 2 hats, coaster/scarf/shawl/throw pattern (basically a motif pattern with instructions to utilize it differently

Children’s: girl’s coat, baby sweater,

Men’s: Men’s cardigan

Household: throw,  doily and second throw and coasters mentioned above.

Total number: 21 patterns of good variety


(girl’s coat mentioned above)

My rating: 3BallslulzThis is a good magazine for patterns, but though there were no ‘bad’ patterns, neither did any of them reach out and grab me. My suggestion, flip through the magazine and see if you really want any of the patterns, they’re what will make this issue worthwhile to you.


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