Sunday Morning Confessions: Winning and designing

Okay, so as some of you may have read, I won a $500 giftcard in a local contest, which, to be honest, I entered so long ago that I forgot about it. I swear, when I got the e-mail, I almost deleted it, thinking it was spam!

So I called straight away, and was told that they are going to make a photo op out of me and the other person picking up the card. Excellent, but I am not exactly known for my patience. In order to keep myself from utter impatience and to display just how thrilled I am, I decided to knit something for the occasion.

Nothing says excitement like sitting still for hours on end plying a pair of needles; well except maybe using a hook….. 😉

What oh what shall I knit? It has to be light and airy as someone has finally reminded the powers-that-be that it is summer on Long Island and I want it to be a middle ground of classy and casual so I can wear it wherever….

I’m thinking a lacy shrug/cropped cardigan deal. I even have inspiration; as I watched Prince Caspian a few days ago. No, the movie didn’t inspire me to any great fiber feats, but the song in the credits did. (I get more songs out of the end of kids movies- Wall-E, Mathilda, Meet the Robinsons, and now Prince Caspian; Ha!)

So, after listening to this song (and some of the songs from the above listed movies) I came up with a tentative pattern; and knit myself a swatch (one of those big kahuna swatches I mentioned previously.)


This is all the lovely Wool in the Woods Cameo I bought, and the swatch I knit, about 8 1/2 x 7″ before I ripped it.


Here’s the swatch off the needles (please excuse the poor photo quality- Photoshop decided to stop working  just as I was uploading these). You can see that the upper, lacier part is also wider. I’m going to try to use this to shape the shrug without any increasing or decreasing (I’m trying to get a fairly simple pattern out of this.)

Wish me luck!


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