Saturday Review: Boye “Needlemaster” Interchangeables.


Okay, so everyone is talking about interchangeable knitting needles, and why not? It can definitely be a money saver, when the ‘cheap’ needles can cost upwards of $5 for a pair of straights, and more for anything circular.

I checked them all out, KnitPicks, Denise,and then, in the midst of all my checking I found myself at the local Michael’s with a 50% coupon in my pocket and a Boye interchangeable knitting needle set in front of me. Hmmm. Instead of the $60 dollars I was planning on spending, I could get a set for just a little over $20? I went for it.

I have to say, for $20 it was a great deal. There are a few problems; you have to use the tools they give you and make sure that the needles are on tight, or they will come loose half way through your project (at least in my experience.) There is also a lack of flexibility in the ‘wire’ part of it, which can be especially frustrating when using the smaller sizes.

What I have found to be the biggest problem for me however, is that the needles themselves are rather short, and I have learned that I hold my needles quite far down from the tip, so that prolonged knitting with these shortened needles makes my hands ache.

I do have to add 2 things to this caution however: 1. I have not yet measured the length of the Boye interchangeables next to a KnitPicks or Denise interchangeable, so I can’t say if this is brand specific or not. 2. “Prolonged Knitting” for me is a matter of most of the day. (Unless I happen to be doing something else with my hands, then I’m either knitting or crocheting.) So, someone a little less, well….compulsive would probably not have a problem with these. 🙂


boye 2

My rating: 4Ballslulz For a third of the price of the others, even if I only use them sparingly, these were definitely worth it.

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