Wednesday Web of Yarn

I had to start today by passing along a tip from a reader.

Glen saw my comment on how paint is the best program I knew of to create crochet diagrams and wrote this:

have you tried “SymblCro”. It is a little better than paint.


So of course, I went right to the link and downloaded the program (it’s free) and though I am still learning it, I really like it. It is exactly what I wanted. It lets you choose a stitch and you can click to place it where you want it.

Because I am still very clumsy with the program I’ll give you one of the examples the program comes with.


(click to enlarge)

I’m off to play with the program a bit more….

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One Response to “Wednesday Web of Yarn”

  1. Kcrystina Says:

    Sounds like a great program, though wish there was something similar for mac users.

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