Sunday Morning Confessions

Okay, it took me quite a while, but I finally created the breakdown of all the responses (over 300!) that I received from the giveaway. Before I share that, however, I would like to re-post a poll. I am debating having the patterns for the next week or two be men’s hats because that is what Knits for Needs has requested. I have only had 3 responses as of yet and I would like a little big of a larger response, so I changed the poll a bit.

Please vote!!

Okay, now on to the break down. These are the trends, so single requests are not here, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t do them, and I myself have a complete breakdown. However, as anyone can see the comments on the site, I thought a ‘patterns by the numbers’ list would be rather interesting; I know I was a bit surprised at parts.

27 requests for a lacy shawl or stole pattern

20 requests for sock patterns

16 requests for wearables for children of various ages (I will honor these as best as I can, but I will have to dig around for some modles/sizing persons)

13 requests for plus sizes (This surprised me, and that made me feel like an idiot. For some reason I never thought that others might share my plus size woes)

11 requests for purses or handbags (this suits my purse obsession quite well :))

11 requests for shrugs (I never contemplated making a shrug before, but I’m working on my first one now, a simple crochet one, with more to come)

10 requests for items (not socks) with sock yarn

7 requests for amigurumi or knit toys

6 requests for various mens patterns (this I have been working on, it will be a while yet, mens patterns can take a while to knit up!)

5 requests for patterns that have sizing for women with a bit more chest (see my comment on the plus sizes above for my reaction to this ;))

5 requests for fingerless gloves

5 requests for messenger bags

5 requests for knit/crochet hybrid patterns

4 requests for WIP bags


So… for some of these I just have to find where I put the pattern notes, other suggestions brought my mind in a whole new direction (which was the point of the whole thing) and all in all I had a lot of fun.

As for the site suggestions, some of them I have already altered, but most of them I am working on. I have sitting next to me right now a list a half a page long of changes to make to the site. The problem is that my programming experience is limited to BASIC and eXcel. Neither of which is very useful on a modern website. I promise you that I will catch up though.


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