Wednesday Web of Yarn: Crochet Physics


When I first saw the ‘Crochet Coral Reef” I thought it was very cool looking and very colorful, but that’s about it. It wasn’t until I read an article that had the words ‘physicist’, ‘mathemetician’ and crochet in the same sentence that I really began to pay attention.


Apparently these little (and sometimes not so little) bits of crochet allow scientists and mathematicians to study the hyperbolic plane in a way they really couldn’t before.

Why a coral reef? Well, according to the site, it’s because in the sea are hundreds of creatures, from coral to see worms to anemones that are structured along the hyperbolic plane.

This linkhas a whole bunch of pictures  (especially in the model galleries) of lovely crocheted ‘reef structures.’ It also has a whole bunch of very technical information I have to struggle to understand. It is amusing to read the descriptions when they go from hyperbolic planes and Gaussian curves to “the meaty structure is due to the super-cheap acrylic yarn that is very hard on the hands”

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2 Responses to “Wednesday Web of Yarn: Crochet Physics”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I made one of these last week, actually; it’s working well as a tawashi!

  2. Steve Johnston Says:

    To see how crochet could have advanced the evolution of computer software, please see my posting:

    Crocheting Software

    Steve Johnston

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