Tuesday Tip of the Week

First for crochet:

I was just finishing a  really intricate motif pattern the other day to look down and realized that I had skipped 2 rounds in the middle of the pattern. I ripped, of course. Then I went back through the pattern and took out a pencil and drew myself a stitch diagram.

Now I could follow the diagram and tell by looking at the diagram and back at my work if I was doing it right! This was so much easier that I felt like an idiot for not doing it in the first place. For those of you who have some trouble with stitch diagrams, I have provided a small chart below of the basic symbols.

Stitch Diagram Tutorial

(click to enlarge)


Now for the knitting tip:

I first found out about life lines about a month ago. I was working on this graphic lace item and been having such problems that I had put the project aside to focus on a more productive one. I just could not pick up the yarn overs, and hated ripping the entire thing out again! Then someone at my Thursday night Knitting (I forget who) told me to use life lines.

Life lines are long pieces of waste yarn that you pull through all the loops on your needle periodically so if you do notice a mistake you can rip back to the appropriate life line and pick back up from there.

It didn’t take long at all, and I ended up putting a life line in every 5 rows so that not only was it a safety precaution, but it made row counting so much easier! I just threaded a yarn needle and ran it underneath the needle through all the loops then pulled the yarn needle off the waste yarn. Ta-da! A life line.

Finished the project (an original lace design) decided it was ugly and frogged it. 😉

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip of the Week”

  1. spellingCop Says:

    What that spelling!
    You said: Finished the project (an original lace design) decieded it was ugly and frogged it.

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