Tuesday Tip of the Week (storage tips)

A quick tip on knitting storage that saved me having to pick up an untold number of stitches is keeping a small stash of rubber bands in my project bag. The needle tip covers are cute, but they get lost so easy, so a bunch of rubber bands (I like the multi- colored ones!) can not only keep the knitting on the needles, but also keep the needles together. And you get a pack of 200 for the same price a pair of tip holders will run you.

As for crochet storage, instead of using a closeable stitch marker or coil-less safety pin (which, due to my small object problem, I can never find) I pull the working loop large and wrap it multiple times around the hook. This keeps the work from ripping and keeps the hook attached.

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One Response to “Tuesday Tip of the Week (storage tips)”

  1. amy Says:

    thanks for the tip.

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