Monday Morning Mag Review: Knit.1 and Crochet World

coverKnit.1 Spring/Summer 2009 is all about beautiful summery colors, as you can see from the cover.

There are two interviews in the magazine, both of them are very interesting. The first one is with Diva Zappa, knitwear designer and Frank Zappa’s daughter. The second interview is with Parihka Solanki Mehta or SixOneSeven. I had never heard of her before but her blog is beautiful. Now to get out my own camera….

As for the patterns:

Women’s: 4 cardigans (one is labled a ‘bed jacket’), 2 gorgeous tanks, 2 sweaters(one is mohair), 3 short sleeved pullovers, 2 pairs of shorts, one mini skirt and one camisole

Accessories: 4 scarfs; one is double knitted mohair and particularly lovely, one is crocheted, and one has a crochet border, 2 hats, one short sleeved shrug, a pair of fingerless gloves, 4 pairs of socks and a crochet necklace

Household: One ottoman cover (really cute -if you do happen to have a cube shaped ottoman), and one lacy afghan

In total 30 patterns (including the 2 crocheted items) The designs were quite pretty but some of them are very young, and I am saying that as a 20-something. Young is not bad, but some of them are very trendy and I would be afraid of them being out of style by the time I finished them. Honestly I would wear it anyway, because they’re so nice looking, but it is a factor to consider.

All in all: 4Balls I love the designs and the colors, but despite the number of patterns the variety was limited, and the styling made the patterns look very ‘current’ when I won’t be wearing them for a few weeks yet.



Crochet World August 2009

The only article I spotted in this magazine is a short bio of one of the designers, Debra Arch, whose cute crock-pot cozy pattern is listed, the bio was informative, but I would have liked a little more  in the way of articles.


Women’s: 1 pullover, 1 skirt, 1 cardigan

Accessories: 4 scarves, one crocheted entrelac purse (a very interesting concept), one drawstring bag, one beret

Household: 1 baby blanket, pillow case edging, clothespin holder, soap cozy, water bottle holder, can cozy, mini tissue box cozy, crock pot cozy, sunflower towel trim, an afghan, and a clock (how different is that!)

Kid’s: 1 shawl neck cardigan, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 camo bag and 1 G.I. Joe vest and tent (adorable!)

Total number of patterns: 27

I would suggest, that if you have already picked this magazine up and put it down (as I did at first) to take a second look. Some of the patterns are actually quite clever (i.e. a crochet clock!) but they are not displayed to their best and the color choices may have been a bit unfortunate. Look through that and you will see some rather intriguing designs.

My rating:2BallsThe designs are rather clever, but the way they are displayed is less than appealing in most cases, I picked up then put down this magazine at least three different times, before buying it, am hardly hesitant when it comes to spending money on yarn-related purchases.


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