Friday Fiber Artist: Lily Chin


Lily Chin, a knitwear designer for magazines and yarn companies for nearly 25 years. Instead of many knitwear designers who are considered knitters who like fashion, she is a fashion designer who knits. Her work has brought her in contact with big name designers and celebrities both.

She has written many books and patterns and this October she is coming out with 2 books : Knitting Tips and Tricks and Crochet Tips and Tricks. Yep, I didn’t know she crocheted until I picked her as my knitting Fiber artist.

Her website says that she is the fastest crocheter in the world, but then lists a competition she did in 2004, however Guinness Book of World Records gave Lisa Gentry that title in 2005, so I’ll reserve my opinion on that.

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One Response to “Friday Fiber Artist: Lily Chin”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Lily Chin has been one of my favorites for some time now! Her styles are beautiful and tasteful. Thank you for featuring her!

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