Fiber Artist Friday: Robin Chachula

robinRobin Chachula is a crochet genius in my opinion. She is, by occupation a structural engineer who specialized in historic renovation. It makes perfect sense then that she makes structural, beautiful crochet pieces that are completely modern but reminiscent of a traditional style.

Her website is (Faye is the beauty up there next to Robin in the picture). It has all sorts of wonderful information.

She has links to some amazing crochet sites and all of the information about her designs as well.

Did you know that she wrote the book Blueprint Crochet? It is a lovely book, filled to the brim with patterns, mostly wearables. Crocheters will tell you (if you don’t already know) just how uncommon that is.

Her pattern page has dozens, if not hundreds of beautiful designs for sale. I was browsing and was stunned by the shear variation of all the different designs. The best is, she’s not afraid of color, either!


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One Response to “Fiber Artist Friday: Robin Chachula”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Robin has long been one of my favorite designers! Thank you for featuring her!!

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