Wednesday Web of Yarn: NICU Bonnets

I was recently given the chance to be a tester for a crochet NICU bonnet pattern. The pattern was beautiful and I made 8 tiny little bonnets. What really broke my heart was the size of the bonnets.


Kim, the pattern creator, said the size of the smallest one would fit a golf ball.

Okay, so the website today is the originator of the bonnet pattern, who is nice enough to have given us an address to send the bonnets to.

If you know of an NICU near you where you could send them, then please feel free to do so.  I want to see that these little ones have something special and the parents feel that they are not alone.

Here is the link for the crochet pattern and the address to send the bonnets to:

I didn’t forget the knitters. If you would like to knit a bonnet, here is a beautiful and simple pattern:


One Response to “Wednesday Web of Yarn: NICU Bonnets”

  1. Heather Says:

    Last year our family had a set of twins born 10 weeks early they required hats that would fit a small apple. I was privileged to make up some ,the twins mom loved them. Everyone in the NICU commented on them it was sad that more of the babies there didn’t have their own. I love the bonnet thanks for the patterns it is handy to have for charity knitting

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