Tuesday Morning Tips

For the crochet tip this morning, I thought I would share something that I use whenever I work in the round. This is a great free-form tip. A quick explanation of an adjustable ring/magic ring:

Loop the yarn around your fingers like you are making a slip knot and use the hook to pull the yarn through, but DO NOT pull it tight. Then yarn over and pull yarn through that loop – now you have a chain stitch. Continue to make stitches into this big loop (you’ll be stitching around 2 strands of yarn) until you have your desired number of stitches. Now pull the  tail tight as you would in a slip stitch. See? No hole.


ring 2ring 5ring 3ring 4

A quick caption: pic 1- pulling yarn through first loop, pic 2- after making chain, pic 3- after 6 single crochets into loop pic 4- pulling loop closed. Click any of the above pictures to see full size.

I started planning to explain something completely different, but I got sidetracked with the adjustable ring. I guess you’ll have to check tonight’s post. *evil grin*

As for the knit part- I was recently reminded of a neat crochet bind off for lace. It is very simple:

Insert the hook into the first loop as if to knit, yarn over the hook and pull through a loop.  Then yarn over and pull through the existing loop (that last part is a chain stitch, in case you’re wondering.)

Then you will again put the hook through the next loop on the needle and yarn over, only this time you will bring the yarn through both the loop on the needle and the loop on the hook. (This may feel awkward, it is a slip stitch. ) Yarn over and pull yarn through the loop on the hook. Repeat until you have reached the end, cut the yarn and pull the tail though the loop and pull it tight.

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Tips”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I love the Tuesday Tips! I hope this is something you plan to continue with! I also like the way you’ve categorized your posts, makes it very easy to find something in particular. I’m always on the lookout for good book reviews as well, since it either helps me add to my library or saves me some money. =)

  2. katerina Says:

    Thanks for showing the adjustable ring – it’s really really a great technique. I guess this would also go under your contest as a ‘tip to improve your blog” I’d love to see each of those steps with the picture above it, or with it rather than them all together. That way I’ know I”m at the right place as I look over the pictures. 🙂 Love the tips though – keep ’em coming!

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