Tuesday Evening Tip (knitting)

This is a less involved tip, but something that saved me untold hassel when learning to knit on circulars (especially magic loop two-at-a-time style.)

When joining the cast on to begin working in the round, make sure the ‘bottom’ of the cast on is all pointing inward at itself. This is an easy way to ensure no twisting, especially if you are starting with a knit stitch, because pulling up the working yarn will pull that part of the cast on up to face the middle!

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Evening Tip (knitting)”

  1. Heather Says:

    I have just found your site from Ravelry can I just say it is great. I have been looking back through the last week and I like the different things you do with each day. I am not a good person with a crochet hook and it looks like your tips will be helpful and the giveaway days are fun you are definitely being bookmarked to read everyday. I haven’t seen any projects just learning my way around the site I look forward to it.

  2. Purlescence Says:

    My favorite features on your blog are the knitting tips and the section for giveways and sales. I hope you’ll keep these two features when you update the format. Thanks for all your hard work combing the web for fun stuff to post for us.

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