Monday Morning Mag Review: Knit Simple

Real quick- In a change of format, and to make things easy to find, the crochet magazine will be going live in a half an hour. If you do crochet, may I suggest you still read this particular review, you might find something to interest you.

Next week, in the interest of fairness, the crochet magazine will be reviewed first.



I found Knit Simple very interesting for one main reason and it’s on the cover above: the word crochet. Not only that, the mesh top is not the only crochet pattern in the magazine.

The patterns go:

6 pullovers. 2 mesh tops (1 knit/ 1 crochet),2 cardigans, 1 skirt,1 dress, 1 crochet beach skirt, 1 shrug, 1 scarf, 1 hairpin (crochet) lace shawl
a place mat,  crochet baskets, a felted laptop bag, a felted pouch, a teapot cozy, potholders, washcloths, a vase cover, a bath mat, a crochet beach blanket, crochet totes- that fit into their own pocket( very neat)

2 girl’s tanks, a baby dress, a baby cardigan (girl), a baby sailor set( hat, pants, pullover, booties) a girl’s sweater,  a girl’s vest

The total is: 31 knit patterns (the most I’ve seen in any knitting mag so far) and 6 crochet patterns.

The article that I really liked was 101 Top Knitting Tips, where knitting big wigs (like Nicky Epstein and Kristin Nicholas) the tips are all quite useful, and this article alone is worth the cost of the magazine.

This is a pretty cool magazine, I would change only one thing- for the less bi-stitchual among us, they should mark the different patterns better. More than one person at my Thursday night group was saying “Oh, what a cute pattern! Nevermind…. it’s crochet.”  This, I thought, was unfair to them.

Rating:5-BOYI would suggest picking up this magazine to knitters and crocheters alike!


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