Monday Morning Mag Review: Crochet! Magazine


Crochet! Magazine

This was a cute summer magazine, with a lot of home goods in it.

The patterns:

Home: an afghan, some doilies, a pitcher cover (which is ,apparently, a square cloth to cover a pitcher), a small rug, a table runner, and a beautiful, lacy coverlet.

Women’s: 2 pullovers, 1 dress with a fishnet top, a cardigan, a duster, a charm bracelet, a shawl and a bag.

Children’s: an afghan, a baby sundress, and a baby hat.

Total: 17 patterns

The most interesting article to me was an article on changing the look of a pattern, though I certainly wouldn’t recommend the frilly collar they put on a shirt :


My rating: 3BallslulzThere were some cute patterns, I really liked the lacy coverlet, but overall the magazine was rather lackluster, in my opinion at least.


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One Response to “Monday Morning Mag Review: Crochet! Magazine”

  1. shortly24 Says:

    Hi, I think that your blog is fab, I love the way that you have a multiplicity of ideas, reviews, patterns and chatter here. I don’t know where you get the time to blog so much!

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