Fiber Artist Friday: Franklin Habit

Have you seen the Panopticon? No, not the conceptual prison by Jeremy Bentham, but the blog. Much more historically significant (to me) than any creepy prison design, this is the home of Franklin Habit and his good friend Delores.


Images © F. Habit. Used with permission.

Franklin is a wonderful knitter, writer, and artist. He makes beautiful, hysterical comics mostly featuring Delores. It’s great. He even bound some of them up and offered them in book form- “It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons”

Believe me when I say that whether you are a knitter, spinner or crochet-type-person(crocheter sounds stupid, and I don’t think it’s a real word) you will laugh out loud at his book. I am currently waiting impatiently for him to produce another work of genius that I can giggle at to the bemusement of complete strangers.


Images © F. Habit. Used with permission.

This is Delores, if you want to hear herback story, just click on her pic. All I can say is that I think she is my favorite sheep. Ever. And I haven’t even met her in person ;).

Since I am currently in book limbo I was completely and utterly thrilled to see his contribution to the current twist collective. I really enjoyed Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Knitter , mostly because it was a great showcase for his lovely line drawings, his skill as a writer and his sardonic sense of humor.

All in all there is little about Franklin Habit which does not truly impress me(and certainly nothing I can think of now.)


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