Web of Yarn: Webs

I just realized that I can’t have a knitting site and not mention Webs. I will tell the honest truth, when I first started to join in the knitting/crochet community I had no idea what people were talking about.

“Do you want to go to Webs this weekend?” “I went to Webs last summer and it was sooo cool!” A fiber festival, I thought, or a workshop series?

Finally I gathered up my courage and asked. A store! A huge, huge yarn store in Massachusetts. You know this place is a true mecca of yarn when the url is www.yarn.com I mean, really.

I listed to their new podcast and there were 2 things worth mentioning.

1)Webs will be closed this Moday (June 29th) because they are re-carpeting the warehouse. You can stop by if you’re in the neighborhood, but only if you want to get dirty, help lay carpet, and maybe get paid in the only currency that matters (yarn, of course).

2) They are now adding non-pattern books to their discount. To those of you not familiar with the Webs discount, if you spend $60 dollars on yarn (and books!) you get 20% off your order (the yarn and books part of it, at least.) If you spend over $120, then it’s 25% off.

P.S. Sorry for the post being 1/2 an hour late. I was having computer and knitting problems simultaneously. I am so ashamed…..

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