Tuesday Tip: Lace Knitting Symbols

Okay, I know everyone will tell me that there is so much more to lace knitting than just knowing what the symbols mean and to them I say: You are absolutely right. However if the lace chart (or the occasional cable chart) put you into a tail spin then you aren’t ever going to get to the point where you need to know those other pieces of information.

So much like with the crochet stitch diagrams I went looking for a good tutorial on lace knitting symbols. My luck was much better with lace charts so yay! I don’t have to subject you all to my elementary paint skills.

The one tutorial I would recommend above all others is: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/FEATcharts.html

Yes it’s Knitty- I love knitty tutorials because they tend to be comprehensive and easily understood. This page even shows different symbols that mean the same thing. 

This is especially important because unfortunately they have no knitting police to arrest designers that create charts without putting a little legend on the side (you know @=knit #=purl) though I have to say I haven’t yet seen a chart using those particular symbols. 🙂

Next week’s tips will include a few more tidbits about lace knitting, so check it out.

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One Response to “Tuesday Tip: Lace Knitting Symbols”

  1. Knitbee Says:

    I have been looking for patterns for woman’s vests that can also double as a tank. There is really not a whole lot out there. I love to wear vests when I am at work and I love to have tanks during the summer, it would be lovely to make a project that I could actually wear all year long.

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