Sunday Morning Confessions: A new habit and 10,000 hits

Good Morning everyone, I have a couple of fun things today.

First of all, many of you will probably have noticed that when I ordered the Phat Fiber Box, I didn’t get one with just yarn, no this wasn’t due to the adrenaline rush as seeing the shop fill with boxes. (It was very fun-wait, wait, wait, Buy! BUY! BUY!!)  This was instead because I wanted to learn how to spin.

Yeah, spin, as in to spin yarn. People still think I’m taking ‘spinning classes’ when I talk about it. I think my first thought when I committed to adding a new ‘hobby’ to my list was “As if I don’t do enough.”

There’s a running joke at my Thursday Night Group at the Village Knitter, that I don’t sleep. Well….that’s not precisely the case, but I will admit that I do spend a few to many late nights working on “just one more row.” And now I want to spin.

It didn’t start off auspiciously either. At least not pertaining to the betterment of my nocturnal habits. I was up until all hours the night before June’s Phat Fiber box dropped looking for the perfect spindle. I had a few requirements as to what constituted perfect: 1. under $20, as I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a one time deal, 2. under 1 oz so it is capable of making lace weight or the singles for multi-ply sock yarn and 3. it had to be on etsy. Because really, etsy is my mecca.

I found it too. Its adorable, under 1 oz and amazingly only cost $10! I put an order in for it immediately. Apparently I did a better job than I though when I went searching for the perfect spindle. The package showed up on Tuesday morning (I ordered it Sunday morning) and…. This is what it came with:

spindle 1See? A really cool bag, a hand written card and yep, those are cookies. The spindle, if you will notice, is the tiny thing next to the bag. Isn’t it cute? The string wrapped around it is mine, so you can see it’s working out quite nicely.

Where did I get this paragon of drop spindles you ask? At a really clever name, in my opinion.

Also in the ‘Holly doesn’t sleep’ category, I just thought to check overall hits on this blog for the first time and realized that I have had almost 10,000 views. So, I just thought I’d say, thank you.

Thank you to everyone who checks this blog on the odd chance there might be a new pattern or an interesting post.

I felt especially touched as next Sunday is my one month anniversary.  I really do believe that two such milestones can’t go unremarked, so keep an eye out next Sunday for the giveaway I’m planning. It will take some set up because I want to have a couple of really nice gift bags and maybe some other small prizes to giveaway.

Please, if you have any ideas on goodie bag items you would like to see offered, drop me a comment and let me know!

All right, so now that I’ve shared my blog beauteous-ness and my new obsessio- er, hobby, I need to be going. There is a ball of fluff (a technical term) calling my name.


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